Most Eventful Saturday EVER!!!

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Dear Diary,

           Today has been the most eventful Saturday EVER!!!

1. House-hunting.
   I am still on that parole my dear. 
Mr Agent took me to the end of Kilo, to Itire. You haven’t seen hood like that hood. I was scared for my life. Those rats that terrorise me at home were just lying dead all over the dirty streets. Even the children are trained hunters. The place was filthy. EVERYONE ELSE was yoruba (I’m not a ‘tribalism’, please don’t judge me. Try to understand. I would live with all Yoruba folks in Lekki or Ikoyi, not Itire). And my house was at the very end of this street, Karunwi.
I just couldn’t.

2. Crazy ex-girlfriends

I ran into this girl I used to talk to back in University. She was a nut case back in the day; all suicidal, low on herself and what-not. I had talked…

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Originally posted on HARD VOICES:

I am not here to talk about why she didn’t accept you. No, not now. There are a thousand and one and half reasons why she says no to your feeble proposal. Here, I want to lay bare the reasons why after accepting you and ‘eating’ your money (how much do you even have?) for six months or five years, she walks out on you, saying ‘it can’t work’ or ‘I need a break’ or ‘I found someone’ and all those clichés girls memorise in Nollywood. That is, if she is ‘mature’ enough, otherwise she just stops picking your calls and do everything in her power to avoid you, as though you are the prince of the cholera plague. When this happens you are heart-broken and want to drink water pie (or is it ota pia pia?). Not so fast, bro, let’s look at your (ex)queen’s reasons for saying ‘I…

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My Beer Story

Originally posted on captainquest:

Hey guys!

I know, I know, I’ve been terribly inconsistent here. I apologise.
It’s just that this hustle ehn, it is realer than the hair on most people’s heads (guys inclusive these days).
I have to keep the #BumLife financed and the bills paid, so free time to come out and play has been in ridiculously short supply.
Still, I apologise.

Aaanyway, I have something I just stumbled on and I’d like to share.It’s commercial work (part of aforementioned hustle) that I did for the company website of one of our illustrious watering holes.
It’s a set of five posts chronicling what happened when a certain fellow imbibed something he probably shouldn’t have.

The story generally revolves around a guy called Ejiro, an easy-going, happy-go-lucky, concept developer at a corporate communications agency in Lagos. He works hard and loves to have fun. Ejiro also likes good alcohol but isn’t very…

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Mymindsnaps dotcomThis may very well be my last post on this wordpress forum. This is to enable me focus on the newer forum, My publicist tells me that I need much more traffic on the new website to make it in Hollywood . . . er, sorry, the blogosphere. (Damn this Lupita fever!)

And so, on that note, I urge you, my dear readers to maintain your presence on the new site and spread the word when you can. Thanks. :)


Eze Goes To School“From the left, quick march! Left-right! Left-right! Left-right!”

The legs of the students in the rectangular lineup went up and down like pistons as they marked time to Senior Olumide’s hollered commands.

“Left-right! Left-right! Left-raaaaiiiight!”

In unison, the feet crunched down on the ground, lifted and thudded down again. Senior Olumide weaved his way through the well-spaced lines, yelling as he moved, his eyes zipping about as he looked searchingly at the students under his command.

“Left-right! Left-right! Left-raaaaiiiight!” Read the full post »

‘I reject my share of this national insult.’ Wole Soyinka Speaks Out In A New Write-up

Wole-SoyinkaThere has been some furor over the Centenary Awards given out as part of Nigeria’s Centenary celebration. Amongst the voices speaking out on the issue is Prof. Wole Soyinka. The Nobel laureate, on Saturday March 1st, said he rejected the centenary award conferred on him by the Federal Government because late military dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha, was included in the list of awardees. He speaks out in a write-up titled ‘The Canonisation of Terror.’ Read below. Read the full post »

Mikel Obi stars in his Nollywood debut alongside Genevieve Nnaji

PicturesChelsea football star, Mikel Obi has made his Nollywood debut. And he’s starring alongside Genevieve Nnaji.

The pair have been in South Africa, filming an inspirational new movie titled The Journey, sponsored by Amstel Malta.

The Journey centres on the superstars’ journey to success; how they started out, the story of their challenges and the glory of where they are now. The movie is to be premiered at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards on the 8th of March, 2014. See more photos and the trailer after the cut. Read the full post »

The Things They Say…about Gender Equality

‘I don’t believe in gender equality. I do not believe that God made man and woman to be equal in any way. I believe that in every organised institution, there is always a head and an assistant. It doesn’t mean that one should take the other for granted, or disrespect the other. I believe the husband is the head of the home and the wife is an assistant.

‘My husband is a pilot, I have flown with him several times and I understood that here is a captain and a co-pilot. They are both responsible for the passengers’ lives. But when there is a final decision to make, it is up to the captain to make it. He is more experienced and the one with the responsibility. But any mature captain will not ignore his co-pilot because the co-pilot is not a cabin attendant. He is there for a reason. It just depends on how you understand and play your roles.

‘I believe women should understand this. When a woman starts a struggle for power tussle with him, it tends to cause friction in the home. The woman should give the man the respect as the head of the home and also prove herself as a worthy co-pilot. He needs to see you as a reliable co-pilot.’

When asked in a recent interview with Punch how a woman can have a successful marriage, actress Omotola said she doesn’t believe in gender equality and women should understand that men are the heads of the family. The actress has been married for 18 years, so I think she qualifies to advise other women.celebs 85

She goes on to say: Read the full post »


en06sep40c_youngShemsi stood at her balcony, looking out at the sea, vast and azure before her, a wide expanse of jeweled fluidity. It spoke to her. Everything spoke to her these days.

It had been 3 days since her last visit to Janus. It was no longer news that this Yeshua, the Nazarene was in the region of Decapolis. If reports were to be believed, he had fed over four thousand men just a few days earlier. Read the full post »

Before Katy Perry, There Were Others: John Mayer’s Colourful Romantic History

john-mayer-dating-historyAre you one of the few who hasn’t dated John Mayer?

It seems that John Mayer and Katy Perry might have finally split for good, but honestly who didn’t see that one coming? For over a decade, John Mayer’s been romancing his way through some of the hottest women in show business, leaving us to wonder: How does he do it?

Back in 2002, John Mayer didn’t have the lothario reputation we’ve come to know him for. Instead he was dating Jennifer love Hewitt. The ‘Party of Five’ actress was even thought to be the inspiration for his breakout hit, ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’. The pair stayed together for the best part of a year before the newly famous John called it quits. Read the full post »

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