Good Girl Gone Badder Still…

The risqué GQ cover for which Rihanna posed was named GQ’s “Obsession of the Year.” And it’s easy to see why. Riri wore next to nothing for the shoot. The Barbados-born singer often says she has her limits – but they’re hard to find in the pages of GQ’s December “Men of the Year” issue. She is seen oozing unbridled sex appeal in a series of GQ snaps featuring her mostly naked body and a strategically placed motorcycle jacket, manicured hand or designer shirt that can’t seem to contain her. The issue might have been for “Men of the Year”, but the covers goes to she who is undoubtedly one of the sexiest women in the planet. Don’t beef, guys; it’s true.

This shouldn’t shock anyone. Riri always was one for pushing the envelope. She’s very comfortable in her skin and the world knows it.

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