Carrie Underwood cast as Maria in new ‘Sound of Music’


2013’s holiday season will have televisions everywhere alive with “The Sound of Music” – as sung by Carrie Underwood.

How do you solve a problem like casting Maria, a role made so iconic by Julie Andrews, in the new NBC version of the musical? Only by tapping a singer as popular as Carrie Underwood. The country superstar and “American Idol” winner has some big shoes to fill, but hopefully she will ease into them nicely when she takes on the role of Maria Von Trapp in the latest adaptation of The Sound Of Music.

The TV adaptation, which will be filmed next year to air around the 2013 festive period, is the latest take on the classic musical, which was made famous when Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer starred in the multi-Oscar winning 1965 film version.

Carrie, better don’t ruin it for us oh. *humming ‘The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music…’*

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  1. Mayowa

     /  December 1, 2012

    Lol!! She will NEVER fill in that role perfectly,let alone surpass it. How does anyone top Lady Julie Andrews’ performance or singing? She was trained in the Discipline Era! It’s just going to be a Clash of the Titans remake all-over with the younger generation loving it but the older generation shaking their heads because the younger generation didn’t know what they’re missing out on. The 1964 classic still remains as relevant,even today!!

    Nuff Said.

  1. First Look At Carrie Von Trapp – Er, Underwood – In Her ‘Sound Of Music’ Role | MY MIND SNAPS

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