Photo: Chidinma Stuns In New Photoshoot

Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-5At 23, budding pop star Chidinma Ekile is steadily shedding away that baby look and turning into a woman (or so the guys feel). Her recent photo-shoot with popular photographer Obi Somto shows a more matured side of the talented singer who’s been knocking shows in and out of the country.

From rocking the black shinny cat suit to blending the baseball jacket on trad wears, Chidinma scores a high one from us.

More pictures after the cut.

Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-2Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-3Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-4Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-7-600x400Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-1Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-8Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-10Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-13Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-14Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-16Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-18Chidinma-stuns-in-new-photos-20#humming…’She dey make my heart go – Kedike! Kedike eh! Ke-ke-kedike!

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