Rihanna Posts New Set Of Provocative Images Online

1. Ri 1Rihanna is up to her old tricks again – posting images of herself scantily clad and smoking what appears to be a blunt online.

The singer has come under fire from fans, critics and peers alike for setting a bad example for young girls by posing for provocative images and then putting them online for the world to see.

Clearly unfazed by all the criticism, the R&B beauty took to image-sharing website Instagram.com on Monday to share new photos of her taken by top lensman Terry Richardson. In most of the images, Rihanna is pictured smoking what looks like a marijuana-laced cigarette and wearing only a slip top. In other photos, she appears dressed as a leather jacket-clad businesswoman.

More pictures after the cut…1. Ri 21. Ri 31. Ri 41. Ri 51. Ri 6

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  1. Michael

     /  February 6, 2013

    The poor girl has told y’all to stop seeing her as a role model and I don’t blame her. Being someone people look up to is huge, huge work and she doesn’t feel up to it. She wants to live her life according to her own dictations and conscience. Everybody has a right to.

    • I actually am one of those who believe she should do whatever she feels like. She’s after all young and beautiful. As long she isn’t physically harming anyone, who cares? But the thing is, whether she likes it or not, she’s a star, and people inadvertently look up to stars as instant role models. It can’t be helped.


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