Beyoncé Nabs (And Nails) ‘Vogue’ March 2013 Cover

o-BEYONCE-ON-VOGUE-5703Vogue last profiled Beyoncé for its April 2009 issue. The story begins, “February has barely begun, and Beyoncé is already having the biggest year of her life. Just a couple of weeks after her historic, indelible star turn at the presidential Inauguration, she has found herself, yet again, at the center of another worldwide television event with an unfathomably huge audience: the Oscars.”

Award shows aside, Vogue has obviously found that very little has changed. “Chart Topper. Glamour Wife. Style Icon. Filmmaker. New mom. Business mogul — Beyoncé is at the height of her powers and writing her own script,” its March 2013 cover story tagline reads. Business as usual. Still the Queen Bee. Lol.

More photos after the cut…o-BEYONCE-ON-VOGUE-570o-BEYONCE-ON-VOGUE-5701

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  1. Bel Ami

     /  February 11, 2013

    Well….. Let the comments begin… Team Illuminati….. Start commenting! God forbid sshe got her cos of her voice, he dad, her talent, agents, publisist, fans and nw husband…. No! Her deal with the Devil paid off…. Mtchew

  2. sexy Queen Bey….

  3. nik

     /  February 12, 2013

    illumunati kor illuinati ni.
    she fought to get where she is oh.

  4. Edeeth Ajunwa

     /  February 13, 2013

    She makes ‘Illuminati’ very appealing!! 😀


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