Protesters in Washington DC Call Beyoncé and Jay Z demons

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 9.44.14 AMTwo protesters set up shop outside The Mrs. Carter Show at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. warning Mrs. Obama and other concert goers that Beyoncé and Jay Z were possessed by demons.

Founder of the Pray at the Pump movement, Rocky Twyman, tells

“We believe that this couple is virtually destroying our youth. If you go on the Internet, you’ll see stories about how they’re both part of the Illuminati and you can see Jay-Z’s use of the satanic triangle symbol when he performs.

“Jay-Z even declared himself to be God by referring to himself as Jehovah, and we don’t think that this is the image that our young people need to be glorifying.”

Twyman hopes his movement will catch on with protests in every city on the rest of Beyoncé’s tour.

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  1. storm

     /  August 2, 2013

    Oh for heavens sake! Why is it always old jobless people that do this sorta crap? We don’t care oh!!! Ah!


     /  August 2, 2013

    This is a very serious matter. Jay-z is a very good friend of President Obama and transferring Satanic vibes to him at the highest level. We have enough demons in Congress now as Congresswoman Maxine Waters said so eloquently last year. These demons in Congress and in the White House are preventing us from solving our serious youth unemployment. We need the POPE and other religious leaders to hold an exorcism over these two bodies. We invite prayer warriors in the New York and New Jersey area to join us as we picket Beyonce’s show on Monday, August 5 at the Barclay Center in Brookly. We will be there from 6 to 8:30 PM trying to convince our youth to look to God rather than to the demonic minds of Beyonce and Jay-Z. We pray that God will deliver these two from their possession. May God have mercy on their soulds. Something is wrong when you pay 9 million dollars to have a baby in privacy when there are starving children all over New York City. Rocky Twyman, Founder of Pray at the Pump Movement. Pray for our Safety as we attack these demons to save our black youth whose lives are being ruined by these Satanic worshippers.

    • storm

       /  August 3, 2013

      Oh my God!!! Tell me u’re joking!!! What sort of fanatism is this? Why not use that energy to actually go and help the poor? Why don’t u do as JESUS CHRIST would really have done which is to focus on loving and giving? U think JESUS would have spent all HIS time writing hateful comments on twitter?
      This is just ridiculous!
      To my mind this is just as bad as terrorism by muslims.
      Go and focus on things that truly matter. For once try to actually do what JESUS would have done. Not once in the bible did HE go around lookin for people to harass. Get real please.
      P.S: if u were joking (I really hope u were) then I’m truley sorry.


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