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Chris Brown Lashes Out At Wendy Williams And Perez Hilton

Vivica-Perez-Chris-PFAfter Wendy Williams said Chris Brown looked like a junkie on her talk show, I was sure that he was going to deliver one of his trademark Twitter rants against her, but to our refreshing surprise, he kept quiet. Well, for the most part. He did say on Twitter, “No Words For Turds.” Even though that didn’t make sense considering saying “no words for turds” showed that he had words – Never mind, let’s get to why you clicked on this link.

This morning Wendy Williams sat down with gossip guy Perez Hilton to get the “Inside Scoop” on all that’s going on in Hollywood. Chris Brown speaking on losing his virginity at eight was a part of the conversation, and while Wendy was previously pretty harsh about the singer in the past, she was chill compared to Hilton, who went as far as saying Brown had “half a brain.” Here’s the transcribed conversation:

Perez: “Chris Brown has been really quiet, until now. He doesn’t give very many interviews, for good reason, because he always gets into trouble when he does so. In this new interview he talks about a lot of things. A lot of people have been globbing on to the fact that he reveals that he lost his virginity when he was just 8 years old [crowd gasps].”

Wendy: “Who took it from him?”

Perez: “A 14-year-old [crowd gasps again]. It’s kind of really inappropriate. At 14 you should know better than to get with an 8-year-old. I think it’s really revealing and telling, the fact that now he’s describing it in such a way as, ‘Yeah, doing it that young helped me be a beast at it and the best at it!’ Chris Brown has a disease, his disease is, he has half a brain. I really think he has half a brain, it’s not working properly.”

Wendy: “He might be a beast in the bedroom, we don’t know!”

Perez: “He says there is no woman that he’s been with that will complain. He just does not have a grasp of reality. He says if were it not for the Rihanna incident, he would be bigger than life.”

Wendy: “Well, you know what…he’s very talented, there’s something to that.”

Perez: “He’s talented, I agree, but bigger than life?”

Wendy: “Well, not bigger than that, because that would be Kanye West who says he’s bigger than life [crowd laughs].”

Brown caught wind of Williams and Hilton’s conversation, and decided that he didn’t feel like holding his tongue any longer. Here’s what he had to say:23

Perez tried to come back, including posting a random photo of his face and Wendy’s face, tongue out, next to a unclothed picture of Chris Brown (doing way too much), and he also said this (with the help of Drake lyrics):

@chrisbrown That’s Queen Perez! #BowDown

“@chrisbrown Breezy, baby! You’re a good girl and you know it! You act so different around me! You’re a good girl and you know it I know!”

Wait, what?! LOL. These celebrities sef. Below is a clip of the chat Perez had with Wendy that set Breezy off.

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  1. Michael

     /  October 9, 2013

    Why can’t people leave well enough alone? When will these people realize that celebrities have feelings too?

    Well, I for one love the tags Breezy gave them cos that’s what they are; one one side you have a Princess with a perpetual period and on the other you have a menopausal Wicked Witch

  2. kachi

     /  October 9, 2013

    Why cant this boy be left alone for heaven’s sake….. This bitch Peres needs some testosterone shots! He’s menstruating excessively and Wendy!? Please shut your plastic face already.


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