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Much Ado About Nothing: Celebs people make a fuss over for no apparent reason

Most celebrities hustle hard for their fame and money, but there’s still no denying that some get more shine than necessary. Don’t know what I mean? Then check out the list of celebrities below, who people love to make a big fuss over – and we just don’t understand.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE1. Jennifer Lawrence 02Twenty-three year old Jennifer Lawrence starred in The Hunger Games and became America’s sweetheart. Next thing we knew she was winning Golden Globes and Academy Awards for a movie we had barely heard about – and being celebrated as one of the most influential people in the world. Huh?

MILEY CYRUS2. Miley Cyrus 08Miley Cyrus cut her hair, learned to twerk, and became the biggest pop star in the world. Now people stay raving about her singing (which is just OK), her dancing (which is really just OK), and her style (which looks eerily similar to Rihanna’s, if you ask me).

PAULA PATTON??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Yes, she’s acts. Yes, she’s beautiful. Yes, she’s married to Robin Thicke. But is there any other real reason why people are making such a big fuss over Paula Patton right now? Am I missing something here?

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKEJustin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake has won Grammy awards, Emmy awards, Billboard Music awards and made “Sexiest Man” lists too many times to count. As much as we love J-Tim, it seems people are more amped up over his return to music than the actual creativity that goes into his work.

KRISTEN STEWARTUS actress Kristen Stewart takes part inDespite Kristen Stewart’s sour expressions and poor red carpet presence, she’s the actress no one can stop talking about – though we really wish they would.

NICKI MINAJ6. Nicki Minaj 06Nicki Minaj has gotten a lot of hype ever since she became a mainstream artist. But is Young Money’s first lady truly worthy of all her accolades – or just popular because she’s one of the few big name female rappers out right now?

GISELE BUNDCHEN7. Gisele Bundchen 07Gisele Bundchen has made People’s “Most Beautiful” and Forbes “Richest and Most Powerful” lists for over a decade. As for what makes Gisele a standout over other top name models who’ve been in the game as long or longer than her? We couldn’t tell you.

TAYLOR SWIFT8. celebs 46Since her career began in 2006, Taylor Swift has won nearly 50 major awards, been praised for an acting career that includes just one feature film, and received honors that artists working twice as long as her have yet to get. Taylor Swift is so favored that her horribly off-key 2010 Grammy Awards performance was considered “refreshing.” Which was shocking because we just thought it sounded bad.

KATE UPTON9. Kate Upton 01Kate Upton appeared on two consecutive covers of the “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Issue and is now an “it” girl. The controversy here: Tyra Banks achieved the same thing in 1996 and 1997 – yet had to work twice as long to do it. It took Tyra over ten years to be awarded the covers, and Kate just four — all because she cat daddied in a red bikini.

GWYNETH PALTROW10. Gwyneth-Paltrow-People-Mag-1People have been making a big fuss over Gwyneth Paltrow for years now. And though she has acted in a few blockbusters that I love, she’s also starred in more than a few flops. And who could forget when earlier this year People magazine passed over women like Kerry Washington (listed second) and Kelly Rowland (listed seventh) to declare Gwyneth the World’s Most Beautiful Woman – I can’t say I’m entirely feeling that choice.

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  1. I agree with all except Justin Timberlake. he can actually sing, dance and writes his own music! At least there is talent there o!

  2. Martin

     /  October 16, 2013

    Walter I hope you didn’t write this cos it is bullshit. I mean look at everyone on the list, and it is ironical that the author provided enough justification for them being fussed about. Abegiiii, next!

  3. edeeth

     /  October 17, 2013



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