Diddy’s Instagram picture that started a social media race war

Diddy-pictureSean ‘Diddy’ Combs recently posted a picture on Instagram that stirred up some controversy on the social media.

In the photo (as seen above), a black woman is standing tall in the center while white women are basically bowing down to her in a circle. Diddy captioned the photo with, “As it Should Be!!!!!!! #BlackIsBeautiful”

Ring the alarms.

The comments section were immediately on fire with some white people angry at Diddy for posting “something like this,” some black people happy he did it and a mix of everyone else a bit unsure of the reason for posting it. Oh, and it wouldn’t be social media if people weren’t just arguing with each other.

Here’s a sample (quoted without sharing names):

“All the white chicks on this post look better than this black b***h”

“I see it as him telling black women you are beautiful and it’s time we see that. I don’t see the black woman being pulled down but instead lifted by white women…”

“‘As it should be?’ Wrong! That’s counter racism! That’s just as ignorant with the roles turned around.”

“Boy please…then why u don’t use black females as lead models then??? Hypocrite!”

The comments section has gotten intense with more than four THOUSAND responses.

What do you think? Was Diddy’s post or caption reverse racism? Ignorant? Right on track with what you believe?

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  1. mana

     /  October 27, 2013

    He’s tryn 2 make a point frm his own view, no one kws wot actuali hapend dat rili made him post such.. but 2 me I’ll say dat d pix was totali unnecessary.. Now tho he’s made some new blak frnds but he’s equally got more foes to his disadvantage.

  2. nik

     /  October 27, 2013

    He needs the 5mins spotlight, Kayne and Jay Z has flooded the news so much that he needs to be noticed.

  3. stotle

     /  October 27, 2013

    Is not as if what he’s saying is a lie.. Black is beautiful… and dia knw it.. Besides blacks are contantly overshadowing the whites..

  4. Nonso Nnajide

     /  October 27, 2013

    Afrocentrism, Nation of Islam ideology, Black Panthers Movement…. Black people have been getting away with counter racism since 1900..

  5. People are too quick to play the gender or racist card. Can’t this just be a picture? Simple as that. What’s so wrong with blondes holding a Nerfertiti lookalike up? To me the sort of response this picture has just says to me the world is full og insecure idiots that spend more time creating and defining themselves by labels, rather than defying them.


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