It’s all yours, boo: Kim says she’s leaving the wedding planning to Kanye

Screen-shot-2013-10-28-at-9.56.55-AMShe has said ‘Yes’. The ring fits. And Kim Kardashian is discussing wedding planning–sort of. During a recent interview with People, the newly engaged Kim opened up about future wedding plans. Though she didn’t give up much, she did say that she’s allowing Kanye to take the lead on this one.

“We honestly haven’t had a moment to talk about it or even breathe. So, we haven’t really talked about it, but whatever he wants.”

Though it’s pretty rare that you hear a bride-to-be is leaving the wedding planning to her fiancé, I suppose planning a wedding isn’t all that fun or exciting the third go ’round. She did, however, make it clear that she wants her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, to give her away at the wedding. The 33-year-old reality star also dished on what was going through her head during the proposal.

“I was shaking so much, shaking the entire time. Like, ‘Is this really happening?’ It was like an out-of-body experience,” she said.

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