The Things They Say: 132

“The biggest misconception about me is that I like the media attention. I wish I could be who I am without the fame. If everyone would still buy my records and if everything would go to No. 1 in 30 seconds or whatever, that would be great…
“There are definitely times when I wake up and wish I could go out without being photographed. I don’t care if people recognise me and say ‘hey’ but I don’t want to be stopped. I want to just walk around and see new cities.”
Miley Cyrus dismisses suggestions her raunchy new image is a publicity stunt.miley_cyrus_674967

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  1. LOL. Rubbish.

  2. mana

     /  October 29, 2013

    But must dis geh always stick out her tongue, dat typical of DOGS…

  3. I’m sorry but that is just one of , if not the most pretentious, plastic, unoriginal pile of bull I have heard all year. If you’re trying to ‘fool’ people then please be a little more…informed, Ms Cyrus.

  4. obasi Jane Chinenye

     /  October 31, 2013

    U never see anything,wit ur ugly white tongue


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