The hold he had on his body slackened.
And then, everything else took a minute.
He had no regrets whatsoever, no remorse. What had he to loose? Nothing. What had he to gain? Well, there was the eternal peace of mind.
The wind lapped at his face, a welcome change from the heat that had engulfed his life lately. Things had fallen apart. Life as he knew it had turned for the worse.
Who would have thought so? A week ago, he was at the top of his game, making merry, rejoicing with his friends over his good fortune, over the two containers that were well stocked with goods, that had arrived in his name. It wasn’t a small feat. He had been so happy. It was his first. And he had prayed for more.
Now this.There were no more tears to shed, he had shed enough as it was. The fire that took his shop took his soul too. Consumed it and spat it out, charred remains left to the mercy of the elements. Everything was gone, his hopes, dreams, prayers – all gone. There was nothing left for him to hold on to. In that minute, he felt adrift, soul and body, like a sail blown out of the mast by the fury of the turbulent sea winds.
This was what he needed. This was what he was going to do. And in this minute, this was what he was doing. He felt free, more free than he had felt in ages. He hurtled forward. And then, the minute was gone. He landed with a thud, and he lay there, still, a disc of blood expanding around him. But despite the freedom his soul felt, in death, he looked troubled, his eyes staring sightlessly forward, as if searching for something,
People gathered. There were shocked gasps and muffled screams. Tears dribbled down faces and shoulders were hunched in bereavement. It had all happened so fast – in that quick minute, the difference between when the man they all knew had lived and now was no more.

Written by Obinna Lawrence

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  1. Blink of an eye, life’s gone. Beautiful! The piece I mean, not life’s cruelty.

  2. Life and death… Sad!

  3. Sad.
    Beautiful writing…

  4. yemie

     /  November 17, 2013

    A very moving piece, very deep and sombre. I believe my ‘learned colleague’ in the distinguished person of my able Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon will describe this write-up as ‘the evanescence of life, its all vanitas vanitatum’. LMAO! I think this is the part where I go wash my mouth with………soup. Great stuff, Mr Lawrence, nice job.

  5. tami legend

     /  November 30, 2013

    Hhhhmmmm…nice 1,very well written,albeit sad


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