Lazy, docile, hopeless, useless – the many names El-Rufai called President Jonathan

Untitled1He does sound bitter. He’s obviously not a fan of President Jonathan’s administration, but insulting him like this? That’s just nasty. And petty too.

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  1. he didnt say it… That was a retweet. He might have agreed with the post… Or disagreed with it, but doesnt matter, he didnt post it, he only retweeted and he alone knows why he retweeted

    • anyibaba

       /  November 10, 2013

      You retweet what you endorse. Besides Jonathan was saying a private prayer to his God, putting all those words in the presidents mouth is just sick.

    • Means he agrees. Not such a stretch to say he thinks the words in his heart

  2. mesi

     /  November 10, 2013

    That kinda RT is an endorsement. It doesn’t matter who tweeted it first. Anyone that would RT that needs help.


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