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Twitter Attention Syndrome: Who and who has it?

By Chi Ibe, culled from Ynaija.com

imagesIn his bromide against his ex-label boss, Don Jazzy last week, the singer Wande Coal disclosed a new disease – he called it the Twitter Attention Syndrome (TAS). Of course, like any syndrome, though cause might be unidentified, other carriers can be seen and analysed. Well, we’ve done the honours.

Wande Coal

Talk about the log in your eyes. Wande certainly has been a carrier of the TAS for at least one year now. The same guy who couldn’t wait a couple hours before launching his teeth into a man who was once a benefactor had shown signs of the same disorder last year when he pointed fingers at D’banj last year for betraying and lying against Don Jazzy.

“As much as I would like to be quiet on this issue. seeing peoples response to this so called leaked emails i can’t take it any longer,” he tweeted from his handle @wandecoal. “‘Saying that he bought a car for donjazzy is wrong and untrue. come onnnnnn.”

What, Wande – you couldn’t pick up the phone and call D’banj? Send him an SMS? An email? No?


Is there any criticism Davido does not respond to? From fan’s asking how come he has not been verified on Twitter (a non-issue) to accusing his music video director of dubious behavior (potential slander) to flinging insults at one-hit wonder Waconzy for speaking of his music (flogging a dead horse) or even responding to statements by Burma Boy about family wealth (may or may not have been directed to him), the guy who boasts about everything seems to have skin thicker than a lite condom. A mix certain to give him all kinds of syndromes.


Wasn’t this the same guy who went on a rant about how he (also) didn’t get Twitter verified because of a host of cockamamie stories? Or the same guy who, whilst the nation was aghast over the illiteracy exposed by the #OgaAtTheTop scandal came on the same social network to criticise… not the government official that did not know his own website, but the journalists who were doing exactly their job. But his cup spills outta Twitter – because alas, there was our former hero making a fool of himself on blogs over, of all things N100,000. Or did you miss that story?!

Tiwa Savage

When did Tiwa Savage become this raging vixen who must bellow like a market woman every time someone as much as says anything except “you are a goddess” to her?! There was the utterly ignorant tweet to the TW editors who graciously put her on their cover, labeling them quacks. And why? Simply because a small barely 100-word (transplanted from here) review of her music had 2 or 3 negative lines? This despite a glowing cover story. It’s the same young woman who sent out the below tweet about a blog report which was generally positive simply because two or three words weren’t. The next question is rather obvious – who does she think she is?

 RT @Outrageoustosca: NET SPECIAL: 12 albums you must buy in 2013! http://thenetng.net/2013/05/net-special-12-albums-you-must-buy-in-2013/ … via @thenetng Na wa o, I must have offended NETn

Burma Boy

Who can forget Burma Boy suddenly waking up one morning and suddenly imagining himself a music critic. Maybe he should have shared his thoughts in a studio session, among friends, backstage before a performance, after a marathon sex session with a girlfriend – wherever. But that’s the thing about the syndrome, it cuts off blood supply to the brain and directs it straight to ‘Send tweet’. So there was Burma Boy getting into an unnecessary Twitter fight with the actress Tonto Dikeh over her music, and then there he was again entangled in a confusing bad-belle tweet about unidentified musicians with unidentified monies. May the force be with you, boy.

Don Jazzy

Before the diagnosis from Dr. Coal, we already knew it without having a medical degree – Don Jazzy has the TAS bad, real bad, and has had for at least two years.

He had it when he put up a watery defense over the infamous D’banj interview with President Goodluck Jonathan; he had it a few months later when he came on Twitter to denounce the man he once praised; he had it when, in response to a fan question, he referred to D’banj as his “son”. Earlier this year, couldn’t simply ignore the loquacious designer, Emmy Collins over a random criticism of Mavin acts on his blog, and so certainly he couldn’t have kept his mouth shut when Wande Coal gave him the middle finger. The Don needs to see the doc. Fast.

Frank Edoho

We wish he had found his tongue when his wife was all over the blogs, newspapers, TV and radio interviews making one point clear – he is a brute who hits women, and cheats with them, sometimes with the help. Unfortunately, he found himself tongue-tied until he had to respond gratuitously to a random question about his show by fellow TV presenter, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and called him a ‘smart alec’. So petty it could have been tweeted by a pre-schooler, Edoho showed that the charming personality who sits and makes millionaires every Friday on national television is an impostor, and we are not impressed.

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  1. Michael

     /  November 12, 2013

    When exactly did twitter become a shiny citadel for the sane and smart? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t twitter meant for the rave and the rant? A place where you can come and freely say whay you may not dare say any other place? The person that compiled this list should goan drink water biko. You is a thursty nuggur!


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