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Ese Walters is BACK! And this time, she’s warming up for another exposé

Ese-WALTER-300x225The young woman we all love and hate is back, and this time, spitting fire and brimstone. She posted a flurry of tweets yesterday, alleging that she has become a victim of sexual harassment. It seems a Mr. Emeka Obasi of Hallmark Newspaper has put the moves on her. Moves he might soon regret, if Ese’s tweets are anything to go by. LOL. See tweets below.Screenshot_2013-11-11-16-59-33

Are 24 hours already up? #justasking. Lol. More tweets after the cut.Screenshot_2013-11-11-17-00-24

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  1. And you’re jobless too. Get a life, young woman! All the pictures promised last time, we’re yet to see any. Neither the voice recordings. Mtscheeew!

    • Its true oh. Tнaт allegation was just left hanging. Even tнє ‘robust response’ Pastor Biodun promised. Nothing. God is watching all these people.

  2. HenryKaizen

     /  November 12, 2013

    I think she is beginning to bore us all…or maybe just me! She just want attention, tell her to be patience, I’d soon be on leave then I can have her time…lmao

  3. Sallie

     /  November 12, 2013

    All ye tatafo beings looking for picture and evidence of a cheating pastor, what exactly do u want to do with it? Nne, don’t mind them joo!

    • Hia! She brought tнє matter to tнє court of tнє public. She must provide evidence ni. Abi уσυ no learn tнaт one for уσυя law school, eh Sallie?

      • Ask her o!

      • Sallie

         /  November 12, 2013

        U’ve not answered d question. Na tatafo dey worry una, simpo! Not to diss anybody oº°˚!! I just feel she isn’t saying anything for anybody to endorse her. She’s just shouting out loud to clear her conscience and if possible, make d whoever that did or is doing whatever to sit up. I, for one have seen first hand, d kind of politics dy play in churches. Especially, with her type of cases. I’m a reverend’s daughter, so, trust me, I know

      • *shifting to Sallie et Ese’s camp* Yea уσυ’яє right!

      • Sallie, this isn’t about church politics; this is about accusation without a shred of proof. Prrof, which she said she had and never tendered. Scripturally, legally, that’s unacceptable. Am I saying she’s lying? Nope. I’m just saying…where’s the proof?
        And now, she’s going on about being harrassed again…Babe, you and I have been friends for ages and we’ve faced many episodes of sexual harrassment and near-rape sef! Why are we not making it a media priority or world news?

  4. Ugh….her again? Does this woman have NOTHING to do but ‘expose’ men? Does she not have a life? Honestly this ‘poor-me-I’m-a-victim-of-sexual-harassment’ nonsense is getting boring and unoriginal. Puh-lease. Can.she.just.go.away!!! Yuck. And by the way…the only person whose stripes are worth mentioning is Jesus. Anything she ‘earned’ was done on the platform of scandal. Take several seats, please, Ms Walter and get a life.

  5. chika

     /  November 13, 2013

    Lolz….seriously…..lolz…welcome back Ese, we are ready to listen…

  6. I think some of y’all are the small flies who think their opinions matter 😛


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