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Meagan Good wears another revealing outfit that has her critics talking…Again

meagan-good-nipples-in-see-through-dress-at-gq-party-11-435x580It was just this past summer that Meagan Good stepped on the red carpet at the BET Awards with a low-cut velvet blue gown on while hand-in-hand with her husband, Seventh-day Adventist pastor and producer DeVon Franklin. The look had Christians and non-Christians alike talking and criticizing her for dressing so revealing when she’s married to a pastor. Good later went on to say that she felt people’s attention needed to go elsewhere, and that the day God speaks to her and tells her not to dress provocatively, she will; but until that day comes, the actress said she doesn’t feel bad about her choice of attire:

“My relationship with God is tight. I don’t think God is concerned with those kind of things. If he ever was to say, ‘Don’t dress like that,’ then I wouldn’t do it. But I don’t feel that in my spirit, so I don’t feel convicted about it.”

So when she stepped out last night for the GQ Men of the Year party with her sister La’Myia, she confidently wore a revealing black dress. As you can see, it was another low-cut one, but this time around, her chest was on display because the top of it was also sheer. There are photos where it looks like she put on pasties, but in the images from Getty at the event, it’s hard to tell if she is because her nipples were protruding a great deal.

And, of course, people had a lot to say about the look:

“And this is meant to be a reflection of the church… A pastors wife should not dress so revealing, what pastor even want his wife to be a sexual fantasy of so many men all over the world. People are taking this ‘Come as you are’ quote from the bible and making it their own. That quote actually means to come with all your sins, big or small, poor or rich, weak or strong and God will help show you the way. Not come dressed as a slut, leaving little to imagination.”

“The never ending need for attention and look at me attitude of some celebrities is pathetic…I’m disappointed in her husband for choosing to marry a woman who is completely opposite of what his faith and belief system should be, unless he’s trying to catch a part on Preachers Of LA.”

“Wow, is that the preacher’s wife… with all her titis out like that? Good for us.”

“I love her but she can still be sexy and a preacher’s wife without alla dat. C’mon now Megan”

“Dang. its like shes having hollyweird withdrawal and is doing whatever she can to get some attention when she does get in the mix. that dress is totally inappropriate for the lifestyle SHE purports to have.”

“I wonder why Meagan feels the need to show off her nips in an effort to look good/sexy or whatever. I just don’t get it. She must know that this ‘look’ just looks slutty or attention seeking. She says one thing & does another.”

Nothing Good does (or wears) at this point surprises me, and she’s grown, so she’s free to do what she wants. But I still think that she doesn’t have to show so much (and in very public places and on grand stages) to show the world that she can be sexy. None of us have to.

What is your opinion on the look?

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  1. Yemie

     /  November 14, 2013

    Wetin concern fowl with chewing stick? Like my intro tech teacher used to say way back in high schl. Let her dress as she wants and reveal all, every man for himself and God for us all. We’ll just have ta wait for the ‘spirit’ to lead her aright abi?

    Meagan, go on soun jare. No wahala! LMAO!

  2. chrome

     /  November 14, 2013

    I blame everyone who is giving her attention……forget about her and see how fast she’ll start wearing turtle necks!

  3. Abeebah

     /  November 14, 2013

    True talk @chrome

  4. Miz D

     /  November 15, 2013

    Not appropriate at all! U can dress sexy without revealing ur tits Meagan. Anyway na she, her hubby and God sabi. E no consine me

  5. kene kingsley

     /  November 22, 2013

    Meagan Good is beautiful.. If only she understands that , maybe she won’t be showing the world her small boobs ( seems lyk that’s wat she’s bn showing lately)


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