Another Hollywood Split: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes reportedly over

Eva-Mendes-elle-a-peur-que-Ryan-Gosling-retourne-vers-Rachel-McAdams-!_portrait_w674There’s no other way to say this than to just say it: there are rumors swirling around that Ryan Gosling, 33, and his girlfriend of two years, Eva Mendes, 39, have broken up. The report surfaced in the latest issue of OK! magazine, after “sources” close to Mendes came forward to spill details about the split.
“Eva said the relationship had just run its course,” a source close to the actress told OK!. “There wasn’t a lot to say. He was everything you’re supposed to want in a guy – great on paper – but she felt like something was missing.”
Maybe what’s “missing” is that Eva isn’t Rachel McAdams. After news of the split started to trickle out into the general populace, rumors started to circulate that after her recent split from beau Michael Sheen, McAdams placed some not-so-platonic phone calls to Gosling trying to rekindle their (let’s be honest) once-perfect relationship.
We’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled to see if any of these rumors prove true, but in the meantime, let us ponder: The only thing better than a single Ryan Gosling is a Ryan Gosling paired up with a Rachel McAdams. Those two belong together. Have you seen ‘The Notebook’?

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