‘Parents Are Allowed To Work and Support Each Other.’ Kim Kardashian blasts criticims of her mommy skills

celebs 61Kim Kardashian has already snapped once about people discussing how she lost weight in a negative. Now, someone is attacking her parenting skills and she’s not about to put up with that either.

Clearly learning from the Kanye West School of Clapping Back, Kim responded to someone on Twitter on Saturday who apparently questioned the time Kim spends with her daughter North. See tweet below.KimKTweet

She does make a good point. Yes, she’s jet-setting around the world with Kanye while he’s on his “Yeezus” tour, but by all accounts, the baby has pretty much been with them every step of the way. Kim and Kanye seem to be doing a decent job caring for North through all of the mass media hysteria and they’re allowed to have fun while still being parents.

It’s starting to look like she is not going to be taking much more criticism all the time from people and when Kim Kardashian claps back (which rarely happens), you know enough is enough. Perhaps that new mommy “protective” light switched on once giving birth (we hear about that with all parents) and anything having to do with North will likely set her off.

As usual, the saga continues.

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  1. mana

     /  December 2, 2013

    Mehn, but dat grip on d babe’s neck… and if I didn’t knw beta I wud hv askd if Kim has an elder sister, I mean a rili rili older elder sister who has a long face n usuali kips her mouth agape or Walt shey na ur camera do dis new surg..

  2. Eketi

     /  December 2, 2013

    That grammar is atrocious!


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