For The Love of Words

I don’t get and will never understand why some people believe that if something’s not done the hard way, then it isn’t good or worth doing. NEWSFLASH:

God bless the man or woman who first thought and invented matchsticks. I cannot imagine hitting two rocks together to make fire and then keep it burning until the next day.
God bless whoever invented gas cookers and kerosene stoves.

When I hear some women speak badly of and look down on other women because they had C-Sections instead of vaginal births, I can only think how stupid they are. How can you tell another woman that she’s less than a woman because she didn’t have a “normal” delivery? Any woman who’s gone through nine months of carrying another human being and successfully birthed that person, should be congratulated! If you think otherwise, you should have your head checked!

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  1. cc

     /  December 3, 2013

    I can relate with the author, but in the words of Joel Osteen “all those that belittle u,let them be-little”


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