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‘Why did you subject yourself to this?’ The Most Hilarious Questions Of The #AskRKelly Trending Topic

r-kelly-2013Twitter can be a medium for cruelty. Most people know this. Most celebrities apparently don’t. There are some things you immediately know are a bad idea, and the #AskRKelly hashtag is certainly one of them. It appears the singers had the (not so) bright idea to offer an ask-me-anything-you-want session on Twitter to beef up promotion for his “Black Panties” album dropping today and almost as soon as he dropped this tweet the shade came trickling in.Screen_20131211_045120

Check out the most hilariously and absolutely vicious questions people wanted answers to with #AskRKelly on Twitter — which was the number one trending topic for a hot minute by the way.

@BatanaiTuwe: So @rkelly only answered 16 questions, the perv really cannot do anything over 18 #AskRkelly

@bigDEElight: How have you managed to stay off of To Catch a Predator, @rkelly? #AskRKelly

@jose3030: #AskRKelly In order to get things hot & fresh out the kitchen, what temperature do you recommend for the oven?

@Ur_N_Good_Hands: When you wrote 12 Play, were you teaching your boo how to count? #AskRKelly

@lucidsondivine: Is “I’m like so what, I’m drunk” your go to excuse when chasing teenage girls?  #AskRKelly

@SirLDot: If age is nothing but a number, why don’t you like women with higher numbers? #AskRKelly

@thewayoftheid: On a scale of 1 to Woody Allen, how fucked up are you? RT @rkelly Getting ready to answer some of my favorite #AskRKelly questions!!

@gkermmm: #AskRKelly was your mind telling you no when you pissed on that girl, or was your body telling you yes?

@letsgetfree13: Do you write love letters in the form of permission slips?

@RufioJones: #AskRKelly What do you have in common with 15 year old girls besides an affinity for bedazzled clothing? What do y’all talk about?

@Jugganawtt: Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with a little bump and grind? #AskRKelly @rkelly

@KidKoni: Usher likes older women and R. Kelly likes teens so there’s no way they could have been seeing the same girl

@letsgetfree13: Do you keep the fridge stocked with Lunchables just in case “company” comes over? #AskRKelly

And the best question of all…

@TrYouths: #AskRKelly dunno why he subjected himself to this?

‘Usher likes older women and R. Kelly likes teens so there’s no way they could have been seeing the same girl.’ This one absolutely killed me.

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  1. Yemie

     /  December 11, 2013

    Wow, this is a classic example of that famous song Fela sang, *singing* when trouble sleep, yanga go wake am, na wetin e dey finnnnnnnnddddd, palaver, he dey find, palaver e go geti oooohhhhhoooohhh, palaver, e go get, palaver………………Y’all know the rest of the song. LMAO!

    Whoever came up with this ‘bright’ idea, no like RKelly at all; sam sam. Jeez! Folks can be really mean and horrid on social media sha, a lot of cyber bullying going on. And yeah, the joke ’bout him and Usher totally did me in. LOL!

  2. Ini

     /  December 11, 2013

    people wicked o

  3. kay

     /  December 11, 2013

    hahahaha i cant stop laughing… i laav me some kelly but why?


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