‘You know you’re doomed when Obasanjo calls you a Thief!’ Top reactions to Obasanjo’s letter to President Jonathan

OBJ-GEJIn the wake of the letter former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, sent to current President Goodluck Jonathan, criticizing him for his ‘ineptitude’ in handling the affairs of the country, Nigerians, who have read or heard about the letter, obviously have their own opinions as regards the contents. And have expressed these opinions on – where else? – Twitter.

Read tweets below:

@buhari_mohammed: #Gej u knw its over when ppl like obj start accusing u of corruption! Obasanjo calling somebody a thief… OBASANJO?!?!?!

@O_Mobian: Urgent: Pls I need the contact(s) of whoever is supplying OBJ what he’s  using. OBJ too…. *SMH*

@ogundamisi: I am not a fan of GEJ but EBELE is an embryo monster compared to the super monster called OBJ. Imposing a SICK Y’Aradua & Mr #CLUELESSONE

@reigncoker: In other news, Obasanjo is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Imagine that septugenarian expressing his disgust at GEJ’s modus operandi.

@Oddy4real: How wld a reasonable person say OBJ is a saint compared to GEJ? Education just makes some people intellectually and mentally impaired

@amasonic: OBJ, who tried to change the constitution to go for a 3rd term, is advising GEJ not to go for a 2nd term that is within his rights. Amazing!

@iammohaha: You know you’re doomed when OBJ calls you a THIEF

@Adenijikings: Whether OBJ wrote that letter or not, don’t you dare compare him to the clueless GEJ.

@gboukzi: “Obasanjo writes GEJ” Lool. *assumes siddon-look position” Let the vituperations and (counter vituperations) pour!

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  1. storm

     /  December 12, 2013

    Wow! Classic case of pot calling kettle black. Obsanjo has no right to talk abt corruption….honestly. He was president twice wasn’t he? So did he cure naija of corruption? Obj! Go siddon joo!


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