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Say What?! Mariah Carey blasted for performing in Nigeria, supposedly ‘the world’s center of bank fraud & human trafficking’

UntitledYep. Naija is badass like that. The things some of these people write though.

US gossip site Radar Online yesterday scolded Mariah Carey in an article posted on their site, saying she shouldn’t have accepted to do a gig in a country known for ‘terror, death and fraud’. Read the article below:

‘Mariah Carey proudly posted a pic of herself in a slinky yellow dress and wrote, “Backstage in Nigeria” on Saturday. But maybe the songbird should have done some homework before agreeing to the gig?

Her show was at Access Bank’s Christmas Party which was also a farewell bash for the bank’s managing director. And while Access Bank is a reputable financial institution, should Carey have known a few basics about the African nation before taking the paycheck?

Ironically — given that she was performing for bankers — it seems Carey wasn’t aware Nigeria is well-known as the center of the world’s email financial crimes! Nigeria is even part of the name — as in “Nigerian 411 Scams.”

Nigeria is also, according to the United Nations, the hub of human trafficking as “a source, destination and transit country.”

AND, just for good measure, there are mass killings going on in two Nigerian states right now, and according to Human Rights Watch, the violence is being ignored by federal authorities.

“Systemic corruption in the Nigeria Police Force” is the problem, a HRW spokesperson told CNN.

Carey isn’t the first performer who has taken a paycheck for appearing in countries known for terror, death and fraud.

My people, have you see what I’m see? What are your thoughts?

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  1. you too blog about their country and slaughter them.

  2. mzz Tayo

     /  December 16, 2013

    This is serious ooo..we have lost all the reputation we once thought we had

  3. Yemie

     /  December 16, 2013

    No be their fault na? Abi na lie dem talk ni? No be we put talk for their mouth? There’s a total breakdown in the system, hence no system and things are not even getting better, no ray of hope in sight. If no be God, I no know where all of us for dey. Heard ’bout this on ‘the source’ with Gloria Maduka on inspiration fm earlier on. Now we’re the laughing stock of the whole world. I hope our leaders are happy ’bout this achievement, kudos to them. Psst!

    • Nwukabu Danjuma

       /  December 16, 2013

      The sad part is the people in power don’t even care. We need real God-fearing leaders in this country. People who have respect for human life.

      • Yemie

         /  December 16, 2013

        @ Danjuma. And may the Good Lord give us such people as you’ve mentioned. See how Mandela was honoured, all our supposed leaders should just go and hide their faces. If Mandela wanted to rule his country till death came calling, no one would oppose him but the darling man did one term and was off on his jolly way. Try carrying that our green passport outta this shores and see the yeye looks other nationals give us, its so embarrassing that one’s compelled at times to just hide it and most people are now getting dual- citizenship in other nations to spare themselves the embarrassment that is become the Nigerian citizenry.

    • Nwukabu Danjuma

       /  December 16, 2013

      That passport one is just the worst. They don’t even treat other Africans as bad as they treat Nigerians and Somalians, and its not their fault its ours. We don’t bother keeping them accountable and we even praise them for doing what they are supposed to be doing like its not part of their responsibilities. I once read that as of 2008/2009, there were 16,000 practicing Nigerian doctors in the US, now there are much more, more than double the amount. Nigerian leaders keep driving people away, some of these peeps are ready to at least help out but Nigerian leaders will always frustrate their efforts. May God deliver us sha and may we learn to use our God-given abilities to deliver ourselves too.

      • Yemie

         /  December 16, 2013

        @Danjuma. You’ve just driven home the point now ’bout our leaders driving away the citizens. So much brain drain going on. Nigerians rank among the most intelligent people in the world, we have a lot of human resources here and am opportuned to know quite a number of persons, who’ve left our beloved country to study abroad and they always come up tops, with flying colours beating other nationals so effortlessly. You can just imagine where our country would be right now if we had all those 16,000 doctors here, with good paying jobs. Then maybe, our people will not be going off to India for good, qualitative medicare.

        Besides, once the immigration officers and customs in other countries spot a person brandishing that our green passport, the body search they’d put one through, is only best imagined. In addition to we the governed doing everything right and brightening our own little corner, if our leaders keep milking dry the treasury of our land and do not have that patriotic spirit that’s needed to push the country forward, then we’re all ‘sitting on a long thang, a very long thang’.

    • Nwukabu Danjuma

       /  December 16, 2013

      Nigerians, both leaders and citizens, need to put this house in order. The country is too disorganized and nobody cares. I remember when I went to write Post Jamb in Unilag. I flew from Jos to Lagos with my mom. When we arrived the school the next morning by like 7 am, we were made to wait. The officials said the computers were down. We waited till about 4 pm then they sent us home and gave us another date. I flew again alone to write the exam and thank God I passed. I’m not talking of the 1990s, this was 2010, few months before my secondary school graduation. But if one of the more prestigious universities in this country can do that then what should we expect from others. It just shows that the problem is everywhere. University of Jos’ registration process is just the worst. My younger sister who was supposed to be registering refused to go to school at a point. She told my parents not to bother because the stress was too much. Luckily for her things worked out for her.
      And if you think that the way the FG treats citizens is horrible you need to visit a Nigerian High Commission abroad. One guy recently said that you would expect them to leave their Nigerian mentality at home but unfortunately they don’t. They are even worse sometimes.
      Solving Nigeria’s problems is not hard its just a matter of prioritizing and using our heads. The one that pains me the most is when Nigerians sit down and call Nigeria the pride of Africa. Pride of wetin? For where? We are not and it is that kind of useless mentality that has put us where we are.
      It is not a hard thing to remove kids from the streets, to set up min wage, to ensure every child graduates secondary school or learns a trade, to ensure every occupation is licensed, to switch to Agriculture; we are just too lazy to do it.

  4. Excellency

     /  December 16, 2013

    I think we should ask ourselves how we intend to right the wrongs. If we can point out the ‘bad,’ then we obviously know the ‘good.’
    ‘Oh but our leades won’t let us do right’ well guess what, you’re a leader in your own sphere, are you any better than they are?
    Mandela began the fight when it appeared stupidly suicidal to even point at, let alone fight against the wrongs. Yet he succeeded and so can we…
    The question shouldn’t be is there hope for Nigeria, it should is there ‘YOU’ for Nigeria?
    Shine your light & darkness will give way…

  5. denzel

     /  December 17, 2013

    Hmmm. Too much talk over carey’s performance. That was just for the valedictory ball in honour of the retiring CEO. I wish she come back for the Xmas party coming soon. Accessshaaknowshowtorock… Lol


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