Actor Desmond Elliot goes into politics

Desmond-Elliot-1Nollywood actor and movie director, Desmond Elliot is delving into politics. He is now a card-carrying member of Labour Party and plans to contest for the Lagos State House of Assembly, Surulere Constituency, come 2015.

Desmond, who said he’s going into politics because he wants to be ‘an agent of change’, will start his political campaigns soon. Or maybe he’s already started, seeing as we’re now talking about it. Hope he gets there and changes something worthwhile.

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  1. Yemie

     /  December 21, 2013

    Well, goodluck to you Desmond, politics is very lucrative business in Nigeria; just ask RMD, who got his son a posh ride with an estimated value of 20milla for his wedding present.

    If he’s able to pull off that ‘agent of change’ thingy before he himself is changed by the Nigerian factor, goody! I’ll be rooting for you Des.


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