Aliko Dangote joins Twitter, gets verified even without a single tweet

UntitledAfrica’s richest man Aliko Dangote has joined Twitter. And with no tweets yet, he’s already verified. And within hours of joining, he’s already had over 1,200 followers. Here’s welcoming him to social media. *rushing over to follow* 😀

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  1. How this is surprising is beyond me :]

  2. Mayonnaise

     /  January 1, 2014

    You know what is surprising,the fact that NIgerians are rushing to famz and they didn’t stop to think that it won’t be the boss man tweeting. Sad. Just sad. As at when I checked,he had 12k followers without a single tweet. *wailing loudly*

    But verified without a single tweet? Dayum. He musta called Twitter headquarters. I imagine the convo “He…Hello? Is that Twitter head office? Put your boss on the line. *pause*….My name is Aliko Dangote….you don’t know who I am? Well,check Forbes List for last year and this year. And while you’re at it,verify my account that I just opened with you people.” *drops call*

  3. 19+ thousand followers already. Like, pls what’s my name? Aliko Ablad?


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