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Comedian Basketmouth comes under fire for tasteless rape joke

basket-mouth1The popular comedian broadcast a joke highlighting the difference between a white girl and an African girl and included rape in his list (below) on his Facebook page which enraged a lot of people …and they came after him.unnamed11 (1)1 (2)2 (1)32 (2)

After the comedian caught a lot of flack for the ill-advised joke, he issued an apology on twitter, and tried to be funny with the apology by joking about men being able to marry underage girls.Screen-shot-2014-01-05-at-15.24.21

He caught more heat for the half-assed apology before issuing a proper one on his Facebook page.2

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  1. Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

     /  January 5, 2014

    I go with basketmouth…they took it wrongly

    • KIS, I’m surprised to hear this from you. It doesn’t matter how it was perceived. Societal ills are simply not to be trivialized, unless you are succinctly using your talent to call attention to it as an SCOURGE, instead of a JOKE. Do you really think Basketmouth would be so glib about rape if a female he knows had suffered that fate? Do you really?

      • Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

         /  January 5, 2014

        Yes. If I guess right, he is actually trying to pass a message about how women and money are placed on same scale.

        I guess you know my stand on rape, but I think this is just overhyped.

  2. Yemie

     /  January 5, 2014

    BM really goofed o! Am sure he meant no harm and possibly didn’t think about the public outcry that his ‘joke’ would likely generate. Rather than to apologize appropriately, he made another distasteful joke of an apology, before doing what he ought to have done earlier. But seriously, why would anyone even joke ’bout something as heinous as rape? Him for think am well before him post am o. Any joke ’bout rape is in bad taste, he shoulda taken a cue from Rick Ross, who wrote a rap ’bout spiking a lady’s drink and taking advantage of her in the course of their date. The guy lost a major deal with a sportswear multinational because of that singular act.

  3. doris

     /  January 5, 2014

    walter honestly a comedians job is to make a joke out of everything.they make fun of OBJ and you laugh…you think OBJ finds it funny? If we decide to wage a war against that joke then we had better be ready to also wage war against comedians joking about pastors,slavery,people that stammer and even mimicking of the hausa and calabar tribe.

    • I’m not warring against him oh. I’m not about to make it an agenda to prosecute him. All I’m saying is, sometimes, life is not one big joke.

  4. Eseosa

     /  January 5, 2014

    Ok it was an expensive joke and am tired of hearing guys talking about women and money, about her misleading you or extorting money from you.1st I want to ask you what about a 3yr old child that was raped did she dress indecently or mislead the man that raped her or a 16month old baby, we should stop putting the blame on women. A friend told me you will not realize people die everyday until some1 close to you dies so is the case about rape, we should stop making excuses no one1 deserves to be raped be it a boy or girl and we shouldn’t joke about it or try to justify rape.

  5. People did not get the joke and only saw the rape…. I actually read this over and over to see reasons why this is terrible but found none. Rape is tantamount to murder, I know but come on, the joke is saying something else. It is not advising pple to rape.

  1. ‘A comedian has the power to crack jokes, because humour has no limits.’ Basketmouth addresses the rape joke scandal | MY MIND SNAPS

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