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“People have a lot of courage when they are Anonymous”: Ciara Pens Open Letter To Cyber Bullies and Bloggers

cici-ciara-18577659-1600-1200It’s a season of open letters and singer Ciara has written one to bloggers and cyber bullies. It’s an in-depth letter on her blog that reveals her feelings on the negative effects of social media, and her feelings on cyber bullies and bloggers that slam her and others.

In a post titled, “What Is Social Media Coming To?” she definitely had a lot to say (just a heads up, it’s a lengthy note):

‘I used to sometimes like visiting some of the blog sites to see what new things are happening in the world! Things like cool photos, current events, etc. But nowadays it seems like there’s a competition with sites on “Who Can Tear Someone Down the Most.” The stories are going from cool and creative to pure drama. Even the comment sections are beginning to get out of control and people are using the platforms to exercise a false sense of power.

‘People sure do have a lot of courage when they are anonymous. It’s like a “Who Can Say the Nastiest Comment Game.” I click onto some of the comments from something as fun as an Instagram post that you’re sharing with your fans, and a person finds a way to turn a positive post into a negative. I think to myself, “I could pick this person apart so bad but what for? Why act ugly like them?” It honestly takes the fun out of it when people seem so miserable.

‘Or at least that’s how I view someone wasting their energy to tear someone down, just plain miserable. They could be using that to do something much more productive. If only they could channel their energy towards positivity, it could make a difference in their own life as well as influence others. It’s kind of scary for the kids coming up, because even if a parent doesn’t allow their kids to have blog site access at home, they may still have access at school or other places. It’s now almost impossible to protect your kids from the vile things people say on blog sites today, and it’s even worse when kids hear hurtful things about themselves, their parents or other family members. In some cases kids have even resorted to suicide due to “cyber-bullying.”

‘My questions to people creating slander about people are:

‘What stops you from thinking twice about trying to defame someone? What are you trying to gain?

‘Words are powerful. You could say the wrong thing about someone, famous or not, on the wrong day and that could cost them their life because they’re at a weak point. Believe it it or not, you could also be encouraging them to give up on their life or whatever the situation is, when they shouldn’t. Or what about a story that causes unnecessary drama stemming from completely false information? It’s just flat out wrong and sad. I say to myself, I thank God for making me strong, because I’ve always been able to use the negativity as motivation, and it makes me stronger.

‘But I don’t just think about myself in this, I think about others that I see getting thrashed and think it’s just so wrong. It’s very sad that people just want to tear people down so bad just to see them unhappy. It’s unbelievable how far people are willing to go to get people to come to their site.

‘I say this to say….

‘Dear Blogger, It’s never worth it in the end when you sell your soul for a quick dollar, by creating bad stories about people. At some point, it will all reverse on you and you’ll end up regretting all the trash you wrote or said about people.

‘The universal friend “Karma” has demonstrated this over and over again. I strongly encourage you to project more positivity into the universe. If Social Media is a world that’s growing more massive by the day, why not use it to shed light?? Otherwise, you are merely contaminating our universe.

‘What about your family and kids?? Do you think about them?? You’re definitely creating a harmful and volatile environment where they must learn to live. It’s almost like you are cursing future generations with your bad energy.

‘Not to mention…Your “Personal Karma”??… Forget about it!

‘You better start doing some serious praying and rebuking, cause only The Lord knows!…:)

‘I sure do miss the good ol days when the focus was about the pure creativity of being an artist. Back then there was still some mystery. Social Media Is Beginning To Take Away The Specialness of What That Was, and Is.

‘Now, Off Blogs. Peaceful Mind. Living In My Happiness. Creativity Only.

‘Love, C.’

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  1. Akintayo

     /  January 8, 2014

    To the point! The faceless should get a life and impact possitively…

  2. Yemie

     /  January 8, 2014

    Whoa! Who knew??? Ciara’s not only a stunner but she’s really DEEP. Wow! She’s blown my mind wide open with this well thought-out and beautifully composed open letter. I do agree that words are very powerful, our very existence is as a result of words spoken by ‘The Word’ Himself. Worthy of mention also is the fact that once words are said, written or spoken, they can’t be taken back, they are like eggs. Nice one Ciara,i twale for you, ‘Respect’!

  3. mana

     /  January 8, 2014

    The leta nor long nah, I bin tink say d leta go long reach dat 1 wey our ‘baba naija’ write, she made sense sha, Wally take note.. Lol..

  4. Kachi

     /  January 9, 2014

    Nice one Ciara! That’s a good inspiration steming from you to the world


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