I’m now Playing By Her Rules

IMG-20140111-00019I finally got Sifa’s book, Playing By Her Rules, today. And it was no mean feat. I had to comb through 7 mountains and 7 valleys and 7 forests and 7 seas just to get to it. And so far, it’s proving to be worth it.

On the right from Ikeja to Festac, I was able to gobble two chapters. And I caught myself either grinning foolishly or biting back laughter at intervals, because I was entertained by the fiction. Sifa is a witty storyteller; those of you familiar with her stories on this blog don’t need to be told that. And this novel is no exception. The wit and humour is endless. Here, let me share an excerpt with you guys.

He walked past a lady with a large head tie balanced unsteadily on her head, yelling into her phone, loud enough to be heard from yards away. “Ehn? Monsurat? . . . Monsurat . . . I can’t hear you. . .”

They walked on and sidestepped a man with a thick accent yelling into his phone: “Ehn? No . . . biko, I said ten mee-yon. Ten mee-yon, nna!”

Kay couldn’t prevent the smile that inched across his face. Naija – entertaining even as you land.

Sifa, what is this nah? Ehn? How can you come here and be mocking my Igbo kinsmen. Better park well next time oh.

In other news, if you’re in Abuja, the book is available in Salamander Cafe in Wuse II. As for those of us in Lagos, well, it will soon be available to our stores. Let us stay tuned. Actually, you people are on your own. I’ve already got my own copy. *wicked grin*

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  1. Heeheeeeheee! I have not only parked very well but I have even put my gear on neutral!

    But seriously, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Yes o. I bought the e-copy and couldn’t put it down till I finished. She is witty indeed…and it reflected in her MC too.

    But sir Walter, with all your publicity, you are just getting your copy now, weeks after it was released?! and then, you didn’t get a autographed copy from the author?! Lol

  3. Yemie

     /  January 11, 2014

    Look at him grinning from ear to ear, wipe that sheepish grin off your face, Walter! So then,we Lagosians are sitting ducks for now abi? No wahala, me I go wait till when paperbacks are available. Sha do well to keep us in the know.

  4. bet wait o, this totally unfair and its not acceptable! how can we folks in lagos get the book na *sadface


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