LAW IS PASSED, DIG GAY GRAVES (by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)

Poetivists & Poeticians

the law is watching, beware!
hug sibbling, friends? Don’t dare!
graves we must start digging
for gay lynching would soon begin!

“Gays should be burned alive not jail. Its inhuman I’ve never seen a gay dog”
~ @Musty_sheva84 [Twitter]

I am afraid, for you, for me, for us… for our fathers, brothers, daughters, sisters, friends and enemies. I’ll tell you!

Much as the concept of being gay eludes me, I must state that I support humanity, life…not gays, not the laws. And now, going by what I read on the social media, posted by humans like me, I am AFRAID!

See, several times, I’ve witnessed near-lynching and seen videos/pictures of successful lynching, usually started by accusations leveled by some person about another. Bam! Beatings start, and someone is soon dead…

“Really, if … you’re gay, please look for help…. beacuse right now, you don’t deserve to be alive”
~ @arcemmanuel…

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  1. Hmmm…na serious matter o


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