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Disclaimer: Be advised, if you have delicate sensibilities, now would be the time for you to stop reading and turn away. 🙂 But you won’t, will you? Oh well, Read and Enjoy.


I got back from work that cold December night to find my flat mate, Kara, sipping something from a glass cup. I was too tired to ask what the occasion was. She said welcome. I gave her a nod and walked straight to my room to get into a towel. You know what they say about sharing a flat with the opposite sex. There was nothing new about walking around the house semi-nude anymore. At times we would sit in our underwear and gist the Saturday morning away. Fridays were always fun; her boyfriend, Michael, and my girlfriend, Joyce, usually visited. It was always a long weekend of food, drink and sex.

This Friday night was different. My girl called to say she was travelling and I was a little thankful because I had a very bad day at work. I assumed Kara’s man would be appearing soon. He never missed a Friday night with her. They had been together for three months. They were really good together. Kara and Michael were friends with Joyce, so it made the gist flow mutually whenever we hung out. At times, Joyce would come spend the weekend with them whenever I was away. The chemistry between the four of us was great, and there was too much laughter, too much camaraderie for any awkwardness to exist.

After I showered, I peeped through the curtains partitioning the corridor from the living room to see if Michael had arrived while I was in the shower, before walking to the kitchen to grab a can drink from the fridge. No sign of him, yet. Kara was all coiled up on the couch watching a soap and sipping whatever it was she had in that glass. I walked into the parlor to sit with her for awhile. Her eyes were swollen and red; I hadn’t noticed that when I first walked in.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?” I asked.

“I don’t feel too good tonight.”

“When is Michael coming over?”

“He won’t be coming over tonight,” she answered as she sipped from her glass.

Now, the smell from the glass finally got to my nose. She was drinking alcohol. I instantly knew something must be horribly wrong between the two. And I bet she was trying to fill the void with a lot of alcohol. Trying to prove that she didn’t care. But her eyes gave her up. Whatever was the problem, she missed him and she was lonely inside her.

I wasn’t lonely, I was tired and I couldn’t wait to go rest my head. She didn’t seem like she wanted to talk about it. And I didn’t want to ask. I sat for another thirty minutes before saying goodnight. It was a very cold night and as I lay in my bed, the memories of the last time I had my girl over played in my head. They were great memories; I smiled as I slept off. I must not have slept for a long time because when I woke up at the sounds coming from outside my room, it was still dark outside. I stood and stepped out of my room. The sounds were retching noises coming from the bathroom. It had to be Kara. She wasn’t a drinker, and her system must be revolting against the invasion of the alcohol.

The bathroom door was just opposite my room. I walked to the door, and I stood there for awhile. Watching her as she bent over the bowl of the toilet, her entire body shuddering as she threw up. Then I tapped on the door, and she looked up. Her eyes were bleary and her face was worn with misery. She sat back on the bathroom floor. In spite of myself, I smiled, chuckling a bit. I found it funny that the Kara who could only stand the bathroom long enough to do her business and get out was now comfortably lounging on the bathroom floor with her arms placed over the toilet seat. She looked so weak and vulnerable. I’d never seen her like this. She always looked so well put-together, every detail of her life well planned out. This Kara was nothing like the woman I knew.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi back,” she said, smiling weakly.

The urge to throw up suddenly swept through her, and she lunged for the toilet opening again. After some more retching, I picked her up. I lifted the shower curtain and guided her into the stall, turning on the shower and letting the drizzle pour down over her, clothed as she was in thigh-length shorts and snug T-shirt.

As the water drenched her hair, dribbled down her face and rolled off her shoulders, she bit her lips and gave out a hoarse scream. The scream could have been because it was a very cold night, much too cold to have a cold shower. Or it could have been because of the anguish welling up inside her. She shivered for some moments and placed both her hands on the tiled bathroom wall.

This wasn’t supposed to turn me on, but it did. She stood there helpless and weak. I stepped into the bathtub behind her. I pulled the T-shirt over her head and watched as her breasts spilled out. Mutely, her fingers went down to unzip her short. I’d heard it said that sex could heal hangovers; it seemed we were about to put that theory to the test. I let my fingers slide into her as I clasped my hands over hers, pulling down the shorts with her. She pushed her bottom backwards, enough that it touched my dick. She felt so warm inside. Damn! Was she that wet, or was it the shower? It was at once thick and slippery down there. My fingers dug in deeper and she began to moan. Loudly. She pressed her ass up my dick like she wanted it right there and then. I let my right hand hold her waist, cinched in and flaring out into her hips. The hunger in my stroking increased, and so did her moaning.

It began to sound like she was screaming to the walls to fuck her good. Damn! I wanted her to say them in my ears. I flipped her around to face me.

“Say those words to me,” I pleaded.

“Fuck me, Austin,” she begged.

Right there under the shower, I pushed her up against the tiled wall, and with one hungry thrust, I made the grand entrance.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh Fuck!” She kept repeating these words.

I kept slamming in and out of her. It felt like heaven. Gosh! I didn’t want to stop. She was killing me with the things that she was saying. At some point, she began to cuss and swear so loud that the dirt of her words filled my ears. She begged me to go deeper. Who would turn down such a demand? I went in hard, like there was something inside my dick was seeking. I heard the sounds of her ass slapping up against the wall. Then she began to tremble, and her moans became jerky, her breathing choppy against my face. She was going to come, and I had stayed this long just so she could.

“I’m gonna come – I’m gonna come…” she began gasping.

“Yeah, baby. Come all over me.”

I was tense with the onrush of my ejaculation too. In that moment, everything went blank. And as I shut my eyes, groaned harshly and let myself come in her., it felt like snowflakes were falling all around me and I just couldn’t get enough of its taste in my mouth. We both crumbled to the floor of the shower stall. We sat there, knowing this should never happen again, and also knowing this wasn’t the last time.

I do not know about what you’ve heard about Lagos State in Nigeria, but tonight, right here in our bathroom, it snowed. . .

Written by Maryann Otunyo, @confessor82love 5

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  1. Syrene

     /  January 21, 2014

    Oooh I like

  2. okechukwu elosiuba

     /  January 21, 2014


  3. okechukwu elosiuba

     /  January 21, 2014

    wally oooooo

  4. Chinweike

     /  January 21, 2014

    Not suitable for reading in public is all I can say

    • I hope it didn’t cause any…er, public display of ’emotion’…

      • Chinweike

         /  January 21, 2014

        I have an overactive imagination…go figure lol.

        Where did the “recent posts” feature go? It went missing a couple of weeks back, used to be my favorite way of reading the next post, rather than going all the way back to the home page…you have to get it back.

  5. alexie

     /  January 21, 2014

    Wow…..Walter wow….too shocked,suprised,impressed…….all i cn say is wow….wow

  6. CeeJayy

     /  January 21, 2014

    Daaayumm!! This is some steamy shit!

  7. alexie

     /  January 21, 2014

    And my am i glad i read dis in d comfort of my room

  8. ceanafrique

     /  January 21, 2014

    Am wit u,Alexie! *blush blush*

  9. nice narrative… vivid imagery

  10. carsten

     /  January 21, 2014

    it snowed, alright… Next stop, a baby

  11. Hmm! What can I say…

  12. chrome

     /  January 21, 2014

    Is that it? And I really thought snow fell. Mmmmssstcheeeew!!!!! 😛

  13. Michael

     /  January 21, 2014

    ERM……. Uh……… Okay *gaily skips in falling snow*

  14. Mills and Boons thinz…..

  15. storm

     /  January 21, 2014

    Idiot!!!! U made me like this! So not cool…okay…this was awesome..

  16. Yemie

     /  January 21, 2014

    Great going guys, even rabbits gat nada on you two! Maryann, keep the fire burning o, before you na you and after you nko? Na kukuma you AGAIN! LOL! .Walter, thanks a lot for the disclaimer, like it really prevented me from going the whole nine yards.*straight face*

  17. uzo

     /  January 21, 2014

    oh my is it hot in my room or what

  18. Walter haf corrupt me oooooo!!!!!

  19. abikoye

     /  January 21, 2014

    Oh la la!!!

  20. this maryann will just be writing all her imaginations here sha…someborri pls catch her in the shower na…

  21. I have spoilt. 😦

    That aside, I think the most remarkable thing about this piece is that it was a woman writing from a man’s POV. Vicarious writing will always make me smile 😀

    Also – erotica. Come write me something private, Maryann?

  22. Just as I was settling down for a snow story <_< Why this betrayal Walt, why?!

  23. Vester

     /  January 21, 2014

    Who is that naive to think that it snowed in lagos? Lolz! I knew from the caption that this gonna be steamy. Me i don spoil since. Waltz, i need more of these maryann posts. *shining eyes*

  24. Oh my!
    my reading glasses is foggy all of a sudden…

  25. Kachi

     /  January 22, 2014

    From the way I see it, this snow would never melt even in mid summer….. I like, most because it was a lady writing from her POV if she were a man doing the muscling.

  26. Moj

     /  February 19, 2014

    Oh my….


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