Maleficent’s new trailer shows Angelina Jolie in all her Disney baddie glory

maleficent-teaser-angelina-jolie-636x300-2013Angelina Jolie has taken a break from the gun-toting, badass temptresses she’s used to playing, to become Disney’s greatest villain, Maleficent, and the new trailer shows exactly how scary she can be.

The Hollywood superstar hasn’t appeared onscreen in a movie since 2011’s The Tourist, but she’s making sure she returns to cinema with something a bit different – and what could be more uncharacteristic of Angie than a good old-fashioned Disney baddie?

The new trailer for the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ reboot, Maleficent, shows the actress clad in floor-sweeping robes and a leather horned head-piece and bearing razor edge cheekbones and pointed ears as she displays her deceptive nature by trying to get close to Princess Aurora (played by Elle Fanning), who seems fascinated by her in spite of the danger that lies ahead. Watch.

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