Kate Middleton should wear Longer Skirts, According to the Queen

kate-middleton-queen-elizabethFirst, Kate and Will’s press operations were taken away. And now, it would seem, their sartorial freedoms (well, Kate’s, at least) have also been curbed from on high. Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl reports in the Mail on Sunday that the Queen has issued some dictums as to how Kate should be dressed when she tours Australia in April. The upshot? The hemlines will be longer, the jewelry will be statement-ier, and there will be more tiaras than you’d find at a beauty pageant.

In order to execute this “subtle but significant regal makeover,” as the Mail calls it, the Queen has charged her personal dresser, Angela Kelly, with helping to prepare Kate for the trip. The overhaul will see Kate wearing couture daytime dresses with “lower hemlines” than she typically goes for. Additionally, she will be “encouraged to wear the tiaras favored by the Queen and Queen Mother,” and will also be urged to wear “statement jewelry and gemstones from the Queen’s personal collection.” The idea here is said to be positioning Kate – currently vacationing in the Caribbean, sans William, with baby George – as “more Royal than ever,” with the “Queen . . . watching closely” (nothing about that wording sounds creepy at all!).

#shakingmyhead Nawa o! to be part of royal family no be beans at all!

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     /  February 4, 2014

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