Celebrity Sighting: Brangelina

Hollywood Royalty_ Brangelina 06Don’t mind me o. I just simply love this couple, and so when I must, I will blog about them. Even if it’s something as meaningless and telling you how they took time off their successful careers and six kids and humanitarian work to go have dinner in Australia where they are currently living.

Oh Brangelina, when wilst thou adopt me? 🙂 #sigh More pictures after the cut.Hollywood Royalty_ Brangelina 02Hollywood Royalty_ Brangelina 03Hollywood Royalty_ Brangelina 04Hollywood Royalty_ Brangelina 05

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  1. So Brad Pitt could have chosen any outfit in the world and he chose that one? That shirt? #sigh

  2. I don’t have any beef for the man. Its his shirt I’ve got beef for, it’s hideous.

  3. anyibaba

     /  February 6, 2014

    This is all for show. She is already cheating on him with her Maleficient co-star, Elle fanning


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