Adele earns £30m … from doing NOTHING

article-0-169530AA000005DC-882_306x423Nearly three years have passed since she released the album that made her a worldwide star.

But if Adele has allowed her singing career to take a backseat to motherhood since then, it certainly hasn’t dented her earning power. The pop star earned £30 million in 2013 without touring or releasing any music.

The ‘Skyfall’ singer’s Melted Stone company revealed a turnover of £30,475,299 for the past financial year, which was filed this week with Companies House.

According to reports in The Sun newspaper, Adele took home £12.1 million, which included a £4.9 million pay package and a £7.2 million dividend.

Her huge income was earned despite not releasing any albums or singles, and she didn’t go on the road to play a run of live shows. However, the success of her album ’21’ has boosted her bank balance, despite being released three years ago.

Despite a year of relative inactivity, the £30 million equates to almost £84,000, although this is still a lower figure than some of her fellow pop stars. ‘Material Girl’ Madonna brings in an estimated £247,000, while collectively One Direction earn £164,000.

However, her predicted daily earnings are still more than retired soccer superstar David Beckham, whose predicted earnings totaled £79,000.

Although Adele has been quiet musically for a while, she has been raising her 16-month-old son Angelo, with work now starting on her highly-anticipated third album.

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