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‘His head is on the chopping block’: Dark times ahead for fan favourite Tyrion in Game Of Thrones new season

got8He is arguably the show’s most popular character of all.

So fans of Game Of Thrones will doubtlessly be dismayed Tyrion Lannister will be in almost constant peril in the forthcoming series of the hit HBO show.

In a special preview shown on the cable channel, the programme’s co-creator and showrunner David Benioff claimed this would be the most constantly thrilling season yet. He said:

‘There is tremendous clamour for revenge especially in the wake of the Red Wedding. Some of the most shocking and mind-blowing scenes of the entire series come at the end of this coming season. Some bloody confrontations.’

And the show’s beloved genius is the one who takes centre stage as his world is ripped apart, with his vengeful sister Cersai a key protagonist. The Master Of Coin is seen sitting in a court dock, while she delivers what is surely damning testimony against him.

David said:

‘This is definitely the most dangerous season for Tyrion. It seems like in almost every episode he is in jeopardy of getting his head removed from his shoulders.’

Meanwhile it also seems there will also be karmic payback for the massacre that saw self-styled King Of The North Robb Stark, his wife and his mother brutally murdered at the end of the last series.

The Purple Wedding, which sees King Joffrey tying the knot with Margaery Tyrell, looks set to be an eventful ceremony with treachery at every turn. And a new character introduced in the preview, Prince Oberyn Martell, looks set to be instrumental in the mayhem. He is shown menacingly telling Tyrion, who enquires as to why he is there, ‘I was invited to the royal wedding. The Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.’

King Joffrey meanwhile seems to be as hateful as ever, and is seen dismissively telling Jaime he was busy winning a war while he was a captive of their enemies. And Jack Gleeson, who plays the current monarch of Westeros, said:

‘It’s the best fun to play such a hateful, hate inspiring character. Just to get the reaction out of someone is very satisfying. It’s nice to make people hate you.’

Meanwhile, it seems Daenerys Targaryen is struggling to cement her place as a self-made queen, while also facing the prospect of losing control of the now immense dragons she has raised since birth. Emelia Clarke, who plays the character, said:

‘The cities that Dani has previously liberated are beginning to revolt. It’s all well and good going in and cutting the tie and seemingly setting people free, but if you don’t leave them with any kind of a structure or any kind of a commander who shares the same morals and views of the person that liberates them, then it’s a free for all.’

However it is the prospect of losing her command over the fearful fire breathing lizards that is symbolic of her deeper troubles. She said:

‘They are outgrowing the restrictions she’s placing on them. She’s always feared it, for goodness sake they’re dragons. They’ve killed her enemies, what’s going to stop them killing anyone? They’re dragons in a non-dragon world. It’s kind of a symbol of her losing control of herself and losing control of what she’s doing.’

The fourth season of the epic fantasy show is scheduled to premiere on April 6 on HBO. Watch the preview below.

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  1. Dr Aitasweet

     /  February 10, 2014

    Ewooo!!! I honestly can’t wait. I hope joffrey dies in this season..

  2. obinna lawrence

     /  February 10, 2014

    Lol… Can’t wait.. May dem no go kill dat smart mouth midget.. Nd yes i hope joffery dies

  3. nkiru

     /  February 10, 2014

    OMG I’m itching to tell u guys d whole tin real bad cos I ave read d whole series of d book. Just waiting for d next release (n I hope its d last) cos d suspense is killing me.
    I just ave some words for u guys. I think d starks will lose someone else “jon snow was stabbed n MIGHT b dead”,tyrion killed his dad n left kings landing for a suffer head life (dats y I can’t wait for 2015 to lay my hands on d next book). N lady stark survived d red wedding n yes joffery got his due(hahahahaha). Shit I’ve said too much sorry fellas.
    All I can say thou is for u guys to read d book cos d series isn’t doing justice to d book. They cut a whole lot of stuff out.
    I can feel some daggers coming my way biko 😀 scooby mood activate.
    Contact me privately for more info.

  4. dakpemien

     /  February 10, 2014

    Nkiru, pls how do I get hold of the book, the wait is almost drowning me

  5. nkiru

     /  February 10, 2014

    D 1st four books my neighbour got it as a gift frm his sister in UK n d 5th book he bought online. So I read all thru him. Thou I knw u can purchase all these books online.
    I’m just an attachee:-D cos I didn’t buy d books myself. The next book will b coming next year. I just hope d author doesn’t die b4 den 😀

  6. Michael

     /  February 11, 2014

    I have all five books in a serial e-book compilation (androids rock!!!) and will get right down to them once I’m done with The Last Gunslinger: Drawing of the Three

    • Rub it in our faces much?

      • Michael

         /  February 11, 2014

        Yes! As you wish sire. I have all the Gunslinger series. Want me to give you?

      • *narrowed eyes* What’s the catch?

      • Michael

         /  February 11, 2014

        Kings. Its Stephen Kings. You’re obviously not a big enough fan and therefore, you’re unworthy

        The catch, my dear Wallabie, is that I’m not going to give you after all! 😛 *basks in such glorious asskissery*

      • anyibaba

         /  February 11, 2014

        Damn my autocorrect feature!!!!!! I swear I’m a huge fan. The things i do for Stephen can land me 14years in the slammer

    • anyibaba

       /  February 11, 2014

      Micheal i don’t know who you are but i have a feeling you’re a very nice guy, just like the angel you share your name with.
      Please I’ll like to get the gunslinger series from you. As Walter knows, I’m a HUGE Stephen King fan. So what to you say, my fellow android user buddy

      • Wow. Anyi, you take ass-kissing onto a whole other level. 😀

      • anyibaba

         /  February 11, 2014

        Bia nwokem shift one side before you use your reggae to scatter my blues.
        You this Stephen King hater and BlackBerry user. *tufia*

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