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Blog Wars! Bloggers Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimoko Korkus & Egor Efiok in a catfight


It’s just started, yet it’s already juicy. 🙂 Apparently, the three media women – Linda Ikeji, Stella Dimoko Korkus & Egor Efiok – are embroiled in a brimming war.

It all started when celebrity gossip blogger Linda Ikeji posted on her Instagram that she had purchased a new purse, the Gucci python bag, retail price $3800. See the post below, and read on after the cut.

photo-1For some reason Linda posting her latest designer purchase irked the hell out of her former friend, PR executive & blogger Egor Effiok of E4 PR (she has managed the careers of Monalisa Chinda and Oge Okoye). Egor took to her personal Facebook page to write a long rant blasting Ms. Ikeji and spilling some gossip on her from when they were still friends. Read the explosive rant below.IMG_00000211IMG_00000212IMG_00000213

And then it got more interesting. . .

Blogger Stella Dimoko’s name got mentioned in Efiok’s rant against Linda, so SDK took to her own blog to address the issue. It would appear SDK & Linda Ikeji used to be friends at some point. SDK wrote on her blog: “Linda, Egor and I used to be FRENEMIES till a lot of shit went down and when I say shit, I mean the type that comes out of the asshole and smells like bad breath from someone who ate shit…”

Terrible visual, that one.

She went on to write:

“I did a post or a write-up for my Encomium column some time back referring to a certain blogger as being circumcised because she told me herself and then I was not blogging, I had her full blessings to do that write-up but she blogged about it, acting all surprised and making me look bad. I ignored that cos it wasn’t a biggy….still isn’t!”

About six or so years ago, Linda Ikeji came out and admitted she was circumcised as a child, and as such, does not enjoy sex. Perhaps, she’s the one SDK is referring to? Anyway, neither Linda or anyone from her camp has responded to Egor Efiok or SDK. . .

The clock is ticking, ladies. Will there be a Round 2? 🙂

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  1. simi

     /  February 13, 2014

    Hilarious shit… 😀

  2. uzo

     /  February 13, 2014

    keep me informed jor I love fights like this jor

  3. Yemie

     /  February 13, 2014

    Jeez! This is not the best of times to be a woman. These trio REALLY fall my hand. The fact that y’all are no longer cool does not mean that you’d practically gross us out by washing your dirty linens in public. Where lies your loyalties? And to think I used to think they were classy, eeeeewwwww! Moreover, what’s this poverty mentality of updating stuffs online ’bout some expensive piece of designer’s item anyone purchases? Like seriously, who gives a hoot ’bout that? Immature behaviour that high school students shouldn’t be caught dead exhibiting. Forming ‘activity’ at this stage of your life Linda, you don big pass dis kain things na. Na wa o, Famzer!

  4. Folu

     /  February 13, 2014

    hahahahahaha and Linda, you need to find the right man; circumcision or not…Lolling.

  5. Kachi

     /  February 13, 2014

    Oh no!

  6. Michael

     /  February 13, 2014

    Linda is pretty pathetic. Blogging about your expensive crap and your sis posting the vouchers on her insta? where does the childish vanity end?

    Btw, the lady tore her a new one. I LOVE!!!!

  7. Nwukabu Danjuma

     /  February 13, 2014

    I don’t understand how a picture of a handbag can result in all this. See that essay?! Some people have time sha.

  8. Alexie

     /  February 14, 2014

    I jst hv one thing to say……..i totally luv d bag…..soooo gorgeous*smiles*

  9. because posting a bag u love on social media shouldn’t raise such fuss!!! she loves bag so what? if i get a jimmy choo’s shoes,i”ll post it on line!( i love shoes). i think the Egor lady is just jealous jor! people usually don’t want u to rise above them when they’ve at some point helped u and never thot u will be above them. I love linda and i love what she is doing.

  10. Ammy

     /  February 14, 2014

    Ugly women,leave Linda alone.u both sound bitter and ur bitterness will choke u both

  11. Is it fine if I tweet about this article?


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