Happy Valentine’s day Friday! it’s the  14th of February and you know what that means; nothing! Nothing at all. anyways, in the spirit of the nothingness, we have a special treat, It’s a post from the amazing @Blackbubberian. She will be your entertainment today, so make sure you give this a read, leave a comment and share. Cheers!

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It is 2058, and Nigeria is not the same. Things have changed; places, people, the city of Lagos. It sparkles now, this city, our city. The skies are no longer cloudless and gray, the horizon like the empty stomach of a sea monster. The oceans are still thick with water, but they are not brownish-silver, the bodies of liquid gloomy and heaving; the chest of a sober widow. It is blue now, like the skies overhead. The sun is no longer a sadistic, fiery beast battering Earth’s…

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