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‘Boko Haram Is Not An Islamic Group.’ says Sultan Of Sokoto

342679_Boko-Haram-militantsThe Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, has urged Nigerians to stop judging Muslims based on the activities of Boko Haram insurgents in the North East, saying Boko Haram was not an Islamic group.

Abubakar, who spoke at the first Annual Conference of Ahlus-Sunnah of Nigeria at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos on Friday, said those who referred to Boko Haram as an Islamic sect were unfair to Muslims as the group comprised of criminals who were carrying out terrorist activities against the country.

“Those terrorizing us are not Muslims. They are terrorists. People should not be referring to them as an Islamic sect. They are agents of insurrection,” he stated.

The Sultan also noted that Nigeria was not a secular country but a multi-religious society, adding that Muslims should seek to live according to the dictates of their religion.

Also speaking at the event, Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, identified the major cause of religious extremism and intolerance in the country as claims by Christians and Muslims that nobody could go to heaven except through Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed, respectively.

Aregbesola, who was one of the guest speakers, quoted from the Quran to buttress his point that Islam was a religion of peace. He said that what obtained in Yoruba as regards the healthy relationship between Muslims and Christians should be emulated by people in other parts of the country.

Other speakers blamed injustice, poverty and ignorance as major causes of disunity in the country, stressing that there was nothing uniting a very poor man with an extremely rich person, as both groups were in two separate worlds.

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  1. Nwukabu Danjuma

     /  February 16, 2014

    My main problem with Islam is that most Muslims don’t ever want to admit the truth to themselves. Islam is a violent religion period. Instead of wasting so much time trying to convince us that terrorist groups are ‘unislamic,’ Muslim leaders should use this opportunity to ask themselves questions and try to solve these kind of problems. After all, during crisis Imams in Mosques also tell their people to kill Christians and finish them. Are the Imams unIslamic? Islam and violence are almost directly proportional to each other and this is mostly because of ignorance, poverty and illiteracy.
    These people should evaluate their Almajari system and teach their children to be tolerant. The other day I read that in 2012, only 17 students out of the 18,000 who sat for NECO and WAEC in Gombe state passed. This is a less than 1% pass rate. Where are the other 99%? If you are still wondering where Boko Haram finds their recruits you may now have an answer. Islam is violent largely because of ignorance, poverty and illiteracy. Until these elders are able to find an appropriate solution to their 3 major problems this violence will continue and Islam will continue to be linked with violence.

    • At a time, I shared these views openly, until someone admonished me that they weren’t politically correct. So now I think them in private.

      • Nwukabu Danjuma

         /  February 17, 2014

        It is this political correctness that will kill this us in this world. If we want to grow or improve we must learn to both tell the truth and listen to the truth.

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