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‘Clean up your house first!’ Writer slams Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s parenting skills following her anger at Media for branding her daughter As ‘Hot & Sexy’

Omotola-Jalade2Last week, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde lashed out at bloggers and the media after some pictures were published from her 14 year old daughter, Meraiah Ekeinde’s Instagram account and branded as “hot & sexy” [Read HERE if you missed it]

Today, the head writer, Osagie Alonge of popular entertainment website NET has written an open letter to the Nollywood star, calling her out on her Facebook rant and even saying she did not raise her daughter right!

Read after the cut.

Last week, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde went on a rant on social media in response to entertainment bloggers who described her daughter Meraiah Ekeinde as ‘Hot and sexy’. The Nollywood actress and 2013 Time Magazine Icon barked at online media, chastising them for visiting her 14-year-old daughter’s Instagram page, culling her photos and spreading them all over the internet.

‘Thank you to everyone who wished Meraiah a happy birthday. However, going to a 14-year-old’s ‘private’ online accts to post her pictures for public viewing is totally inappropriate. Her father and I are horrified as parents and guardian that a minor’s picture can be paraded online as ‘hot’ ,’sexy’ etc.’, she wrote on her official Facebook page.

It should be noted that as at the time Meraiah’s photos were posted by bloggers, her Instagram account was set on ‘public’.

Dear Omotola, I’d like to say that the media has done nothing, absolutely nothing wrong and do not owe you an apology for publicising your daughter’s photos. You should be the last person pointing fingers as it clearly shows you’ve scored a D minus in raising this cute kid..

Meraiah Ekeinde is four years away from adolescence but by merely studying her Instagram page, you’d be amazed at the kind of photos a 14-year-old girl puts up – we are talking sexualised selfies, showing off her ‘curves’, pouts, using hashtags like #StaySexy and posting memes containing vulgar language like the word ‘FUCK’.

I’m sure Meraiah means no harm and she is in the early stage of youthful exuberance but dear Omotola, do you approve of an underage turning up her sexiness in the eye of the public? Why hasn’t she been cautioned to take down these sexually suggestive photos? Why is it that you have failed to understand that Meraiah, a minor, has no business trying to act like your fellow desperate Nollywood actresses on social media?

Instead, you choose to be horrified by the media calling her ‘Hot and sexy’, accusing them of intruding on you poor little girl’s privacy. Madam, you’ve got it all wrong. Are those photos ‘Hot and sexy’? Oh my, yes they damn are!

It’s a shame that up till now, these photos haven’t been deleted. It’s a shame that you’ve asked the media to behave like adults and draw the line when you’ve not acted in the same faith.

In February 2012, US rapper Nas’ 18-year-old daughter Destiny Jones posted a box of condoms on her Instagram page. The media and community attacked Nas and his baby mama Carmen Bryan for the post which was subsequently taken off. Nas didn’t come out defending his daughter or attacking the media, he rather blamed himself on his song ‘Daughters’.

Dear Omotola, you always profess the idea of changing the world, it’s time to start from your house; clean it up.

My point exactly! This writer doth speak my mind.

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  1. Out of the keypad of bloggers’ comes forth wisdom. Worry no more Omosexy, this writer doth your duty told thee.

  2. I don’t really know much about this story, and I don’t follow the actress or her daughter but I’m gonna have to take a 65-35 on this one…65 for her and 35v for the media.

    First off, as a mother it is well within her power to decide the rules about what her daughter is allowed to post online and caution her. If it means playing the dragon and even monitoring the girl’s accounts online then so be it. As a mother you are a parent first and a friend later. Your job is not to be ‘nice’ to your kids (they have friends for that) but your job to train them right, even when it involves painful lessons. As far as the girl is a minor and in Ms Omotola’s care, she is responsible for aising her. So yeah, in that I would definetely place 65% of responsibility at the parent’s feet.

    Now…the media….really? However ‘sexy’ the photos are…the girl is still a kid. Rather than place focus on how ‘sexy’ she is why not focus on the inappropriate use of instagram by a child? Sorry but such things being said about a young girl just reek of perversity and borderline paedophilic tendencies so yeah…those media guys are just gross.

    Omotoal should ‘clean up her house’… but the media also need to draw the line where reporting on kids is concerned, no matter how provocative the child appears.

  3. obinna lawrence

     /  February 18, 2014

    Lol.. Who wan carry last kwanu


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