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‘I Don’t Expect Beyoncé To Take Accountability.’ – Mother Of Matthew Knowles’ Son Speaks Out

PicturesIn her first televised appearance, AlexSandra Wright, mother of Matthew Knowles’ son, opened up to Inside Edition about her constant struggle to make ends meet because her 4-year-old son Nixon’s father simply refuses to support their son.

“To turn your back on a child, to me, is unconscionable,” said the former “Scrubs” actress. “This is his child and it’s a boy. I can’t prove it any harder. It’s been five years.”

The single mom adds that she’s been faithful with adhering to the legal stipulations of their child support agreement, yet Mathew still refuses to hold up his end of the deal.

“I’ve never spoken. I’ve been respectful of our relationship. I’ve never talked about it. I’ve never stepped out of the lines…It just feels like he’s a little bit of an outlaw. He’s just chosen to not acknowledge any of it.”

In addition to Mathew owing $32,000 in child support, which has forced her to file for public assistance, AlexSandra says that Mathew has never spent quality time with their son.

“He raised two other children and was very active and involved in their lives and they turned out very well. So why he’s choosing not to acknowledge his only son? I don’t know. It’s disappointing. I am the only parent taking accountability at this point.”

“You’ve seen more of my son today than he has,” she went on to tell her interviewer.

As for Nixon’s very famous sister, Beyoncé, AlexSandra expressed that she in no way expects the singer to act on behalf of her father because Nixon is not her responsibility.

“I don’t expect Beyoncé to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation. This is Mathew’s situation solely.”

Interestingly, AlexSandra claims that when he first learned of her pregnancy following their 18-month affair, Mathew offered to give Nixon to Beyoncé and Jay Z so that they could raise him as their own child.

“Beyoncé and Jay Z have never attacked me. They’ve never done anything wrong to me. They have never been negative at all.”

It doesn’t seem like this issue is going to be resolved anytime soon, but AlexSandra says that she is turning the child support case over to the state and will allow them to handle it.

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  1. Yemie

     /  February 27, 2014

    This Matthew guy’s cold and heartless. His marriage has hit the rocks already, the least he can do is take care of his innocent love child. I don’t know what he expects to gain from shirking away from his responsibilities. And to the one who was aware of his marital status and still went ahead with the rollercoaster ride on the wild side, I daresay; but it serves her right. She’s helped destroyed a marriage and thinks a happy ending’s in sight??? I think not! Psst!

    • LOL! You know, before I read your comment, I didn’t even think of the blame the baby mama had to shoulder. I mean, how can you expect goodness from a man who you led out of his marriage with an affair?

      • Yemie

         /  February 27, 2014

        As in eh! The ‘other’ woman always, ALWAYZ feels like she’s God’s gift to the man and his saving grace from the supposed ‘hellish’ union he entangled himself in, in the first place. Well, I guess she knows better now. A flash in the pan with no significance whatsoever! Pity!

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