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“We Must Celebrate 100 Years.” – Charles Novia

The following article was written by Charles Novia on his official website – charlesnoviadaily.com. Read and ponder.


Marketing-the-Nigeria-CenteThose poor kids killed by the brainless Boko Haramists will have their death avenged by a Higher Power whose justice cannot be questioned.

However, I wholly disagree with those asking why the Centenary Celebrations should continue this week because of the death of those poor souls. Let us celebrate a nation at crossroads. A failed state finding the right path to success. A stupid citizenry which would castigate its leaders from their hallowed chambers of political and social inertia and yet do nothing, absolutely nothing when the call is made to start a revolution.

Let’s celebrate a cynical people who are all seeing in matters of political morality but blindly elect crooks into administrative offices to rob them blind. Of course, we must celebrate! These sanctimonious people! All you do is nag, nag and nag! Yak, yak, yakity, yak! All talk, no action. Isn’t it true that the ones among you with just a little influence and money have turned the Nigerian Policemen into glorified security men who guard and chaperone your sorry ilk all over the city for as little as fifty thousand naira? When half of the men in the Police Force are being employed as private guards, who do you expect to fight crime in your society? Yet, you scream and curse the Government when you do worse!

Why won’t we celebrate? Bring out the cymbals and trumpets! You expect the brave soldiers of the Nigerian Army to kill themselves over your sorry asses? A nation which does not in any way appreciate its armed forces but worship and arse-kiss doubtable actors and musicians as the true heroes of a country steeped in stinking materialism? The Actor and Singers compete among themselves on social media over who has acquired the latest cars and bags, pulling wools over your eyes and no one bothers to ask how on earth they can afford those luxuries they flaunt, yet you turn your noses up at the guys in uniform who should actually be your real heroes, despite their security shortcomings. They lay their lives down in the service to the fatherland. How many of you are ready to die for Nigeria like them? Eh?

We must celebrate. The children are the unfortunate collateral damage in this war of the politicians. Yes. Boko Haram is a sponsored political movement. They attack at the bidding of their sponsors whom many of you foolishly hero worship as leaders of thought.

We must celebrate o. We must stay together as a lethargic nation, several kilometres from hell on earth. We are gummed together, destinies shared. The future of the children raped. Another 100 years, please.

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  1. mzz Tayo

     /  February 28, 2014


  2. Edeeth

     /  February 28, 2014

    S is for Sacarsm….

  3. Yemie

     /  February 28, 2014

    Wetin we dey celebrate sef? 100yrs of what? Corruption, poverty, unemployment, terrorism, failed leadership and soooo many vices, too numerous to mention that xterizes the Nigerian State, a State that’s failed so woefully. Until we go through the rude reawakening experienced by the Ghanians under the able and visionary leadership of the ‘ruthless’ Jerry Rawlings, then I daresay and in accordance with Novia’s submissions; ‘another 100 years please’. Sad! Sad!! Sad!!! *shrugs*

  4. Yettie

     /  February 28, 2014

    D sarcasm was rich. Yet the article describes us as a nation. People just sit on their lazy asses & nag. Even at grassroots level, people complain about something & plan to stand up to it, the moment d time is near, they’ll be nowhere to be found. Hiding away like cowards. Mcheeeewwww. Another 100 years please.

  5. Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

     /  February 28, 2014

    Let him and his family celebrate lootery and death

  6. Very apt

  7. nik

     /  February 28, 2014

    While they were celebrating their 100yrs, we were in a standstill traffic for 3, 4 most 5hrs cos d way to the venue was closed for security reasons without plans for those plying that route. The only country that the masses are suffering and smilling. It is well.

  8. Nwukabu Danjuma

     /  February 28, 2014

    Y’all are so pessimistic though. We have reasons to celebrate:
    1. “At 50, Britain is still battling with King Arthur and the knights of the round table so Nigeria is not doing too badly.”
    2. “The worth of a child born and bred in Nigeria cannot be compared to that in the United States.” So Nigerian youth are currently living up to their expectations.
    3. “Until I see someone eating out of the gutters before I believe there is poverty in Nigeria.” There is no poverty in Nigeria.
    4. Education is affordable “I founded this school for the masses and the school fees is 850,000 naira.”
    5. Nigerians only die when they are destined to die so life expectancy is around 150 years: “The corp members where destined to die, nobody can run away from destiny.” I’m sure you are aware that in Nigeria, only evil spirits cause accidents and plane crashes.
    6. We are technologically advanced “We want to thank the president for bringing Facebook to Nigeria,” and the country is full of foreign investors: “Foreign investors should ignore Boko Haram and invest in Nigeria.”
    7. Nigerians are healthy. Our hospitals have no patients just doctors and nurses who routinely fall sick and treat themselves “I want to commend the doctors and nurses for responding to treatment.”
    And in conclusion, Nigeria is no different from any other country:
    “Nigerians, don’t panic. Terrorist attack is everywhere … maybe it is our turn.”
    (All of these statements were made by past and current leaders in Nigeria; I won’t post names because you can easily google and find them).

  9. Akintayo

     /  March 2, 2014

    Hmmm! So deep, lots of vision without mission. We are all to blame… I only pray the beautiful ones won’t be corrupted wen dey come.


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