#RantsOfABrokeArtist Vol.2

Dike Chiedozié's Blog

Talent is never enough. If it was I’d be an international bestselling author, have a Tribeca condo, and maybe spend my summers in any country where I’d be pitting my characters to play out their lives. If talent was enough I wouldn’t flinch at my bank statements —wait, scratch that; the banks don’t even bother. I’m too much of a small fry, except for the debit alerts and the rarer credit alerts.

If talent was enough I’d be able to make a living from doing what I love the most: writing. But I’m not because it’s a lot more complicated than that. In the real world the final consumers of any work of art are a “market” and more often than not are ensnared by the trappings of economics and good advertising, not necessarily about content, seeing as the forces that serve as conduit between the artist and the final…

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