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    Walter Ude (@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter. He blogs at mymindsnaps.wordpress.com.

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Love’s Eye

The eye of love
Sees through
The heart, the soul,
The thickness of man’s marrow

The eye of love
Looks across
The failings, the dirt,
The weakness of every fellow

Lend me the eye of love
That I may see the world’s race
As one ray of light
refracted as a rainbow

And so behold the beauty
In such colours of diversity;
For love should be a single eye
Shared by us all.

– Written by Anyanya Basseymail-711



From the cradle my lessons began,

People call it deception

To me it is an everyday life.

Pushed into a circle I do not belong in,

Learning to conceal has become my survival.

I put on my mask and they clap and cheer

Who cares who is behind the mask? No one! (more…)

Writerly Thinz: Words Of The Day



The world to stop is all I desire

A breath

To take to stay alive

Other times

The world to stop is what I want

My breath

To take to ever stay still. – Walter Uchenna Ude, @Walt_Shakes

Writerly Thinz: Words Of The Day


Helpless under the power of love

They delighted in each other

The woman promised to another

And the man smitten by her beauty

And when the tides of the thrill had washed away

In its wake lay broken hearts and mangled hopes

Lives never again to be the same. – Walter Uchenna Ude @Walt_Shakes

Those Scars . . . Agonies That Went Unsaid

Can I ever forget your face?

My slew of scars will always remind me

Of the savage glare in your feline stare

Stalking me with much beadiness

Like an enraged panther

Closing in on a vulnerable prey


I still recall

The stench of your breath

Of aerosols laden with booze

And those abysmal tribal marks

On your pitch-dark contoured face


You were that shadow

Conjured from the land of nightmares

The fearsome old ghost

Lurking in my corridors

Your clammy perspiration

Instilling trepidation

Down the length of my spine

Suffusing every part of me


Your muscled grip was upon my mouth

Cutting back the teary sobs into muffled ululations

While your wrinkled geriatric finger

Worked its torture

Palpating the cleft of paediatric rump

Navigating the secret realms of my thighs


I was simply a child (more…)


What is Nigeria to you?

A place on a map

A boundary to be maintained

An idea to be mused upon

A topic to rant about

A people to be mocked and despised

A country to be avoided by its very own

Or a thought forbidden from crossing the mind?

Perhaps the question should be –

Who is Nigeria? (more…)

The Quest

I rise off these linen sheets

Leaving my print on this rumpled bedclothes

Casualties of nightly battles

When insomnia and nature crossed swords

This cotton robe wrapped around me

My fur lined moccasins on my feet

My hair in a loose bun

My eyes adjusting to the dark sounds.


I walk this lonely street

My shoes make soft sounds on the tar

My hair reflects the yellow lights

My feet easily pick their way onward

My only companions

The street cats that slink around

Eyes neon like bulbs. (more…)

Nigeria, My Country

Have you found your niche? Nigeria my country!

Two scores, one decade and three years

Have you sung the song of freedom?

Are your melodies those of redemption?

Where lies the efforts of your fore fathers – our freedom fighters?

Or can’t you hear the embittered groans of Azik, Awol and Amad

At the destitution that you have become?


Oh! Shame on you, Nigerian, for the curse on you from the great beyond

Or doesn’t it still sting?

The labour of your heroes past as hot tears scalded their eyes

The blazing sun flogging their bare backs as they laboured so you could be free

Where, oh Nigerian! Is the bread they suffered for that you might feed?

They gave their blood in exchange for yours

Their legs were chained to ensure your freedom

They surrendered their bodies to be feasted on by maggots so you could ride on horses

A rare privilege! (more…)

What If?

So I packed my mental luggage

And took a trip down memory lane

I thought about everything imaginable

From the clean to the things profane.


What if Eve wasn’t so gullible?

What if Adam didn’t take that bite?

What if Yerima truly loved kids?

What if Suntai didn’t take that flight?


What if premarital sex had a death sentence?

What if there were no sexually transmitted infections?

What if Kim Kardashian never made that video?

What if Tuface always used protection? (more…)

Let This Be My Story

Let this be my story,

That I have dressed up every wall

With shades of virtue, garlands of grace

That I have paved a way to joy

With words, deeds, bows and cheers


Let this be my story

Those sleepless nights bear charming #dreams

That daytime toils groom healthy seeds

That harvest rains flood my aged bed

With memories to cherish and to share


Let this be my story

That what I do is what I #love

And what I love doing, pays

That I have loved with heart and head

Losing none to sore regrets (more…)

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