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    Walter Ude (@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter. He blogs at mymindsnaps.wordpress.com.

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We have been coached to abstract the idea of beauty as being perfect; Perfect physique, perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips, and perfect hair – in other words, too perfect to be human.

It seems to me that once you have moved up your way to the top of the entertainment industry and have being elevated from being a mere human to a super-perfect star, then – and only then – can you be called “beautiful”.

The question of who decides who is beautiful is one that has always puzzled me. So I did a bit of investigating on my own. I asked around for my usual company to define beauty. I got answers like “J-Lo”, “Brad Pitt”, “Halle Berry”, and “Beyoncé”. In some instances, some even tossed out “Genevieve Nnaji” and “RMD”. I rest my case. (more…)


Writerly Thinz: Words of the Day

The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art. – Junot Diaz

’12 Years A Slave’ director Steve McQueen once told he’d never be anything more than a plumber

steve_mcqueenSteve McQueen was told by a school teacher he’d never be anything more than a plumber.

The 44-year-old director – who suffers with dyslexia – saw his film ’12 Years A Slave’ honoured as the Best Film at the BAFTA awards last night (16.02.14), but he admits he was once told he’d only ever make it as a tradesman.

He said: ”No one cared. No one invested any time or care into these people — many very talented — who they’d marked for manual labour.” (more…)

7 Lessons in Love from Disney Princesses

February is all about romance, isn’t it? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re all thinking about our relationships. Valentine’s Day is so much sweeter when you have someone to treat and be treated by. Cue the woo-ing. If anyone knows how to woo a prince, it’s our favorite Disney princesses. These gals seem to get the guys, and there’s stuff we can learn from their winning ways. From Rapunzel with her frying pan, to Cinderella with her disappearing act, there is some solid relationship insight to be had in these ladies’ stories, if you just pay attention. Here’s a few fun, funny and possibly surprising ideas for how to woo your Valentine like a Disney princess.

Be Sure to Smile2755821When you don’t have anything nice to say … smile! Ariel had literally nothing to say, because her voice was stolen. But rather than make a show of weeping, she made a good impression with a winning smile. This tip comes in handy when you are a fish out of water and find yourself on HIS turf for any length of time. A smile is a powerful tool.

Believe in Love2755826Trust your gut. You may be in an unlikely place, with an unlikely partner, but your own heart is familiar territory. Nobody wants to be wooed by a princess who spends all her time predicting how and why the relationship will fail. If you don’t believe in the magic, then why should anyone else? (more…)


I do not understand the world.

The world, it would seem, does not understand me either.

Life is full of paradoxes, and the people who live in it perpetuate them. Life’s often called a bitch – I assume the hobbies that earned her that moniker keep her very busy. But I wish she will take a moment from all her bitchy business to answer some of the questions I have milling in my head. Like, why the world encourages you to be who you are, and the right people will love you for it. And yet, when you are exactly that, all the people that matter, and then some, will form a solid wall of disapproval.

I am many things, most of them a riot of personalities. (more…)

Genevieve Nnaji advocates for the Girl Child

Genevieve-Nnaji-George-Stroumboulopoulos-Tonight-January-2014-BellaNaija-600x319UntitledAnd here’s something else she posted on her Instagram page. (more…)

Obama ‘really impressed’ with Pope’s message of equality

New-Pope-Statement-from-President-ObamaUS President Barack Obama expressed strong admiration of Pope Francis for promoting “a true sense of brotherhood and sisterhood and regard for those who are less fortunate,” in an interview aired Friday.

“I have been really impressed so far with the way he’s communicated what I think is the essence of the Christian faith,” Obama told CNN of the pontiff who has refashioned the image of the Roman Catholic Church since his installation last year. (more…)

Tweet Of The Day



Hello, guys. For today, I’m bringing to you a piece written by an acquaintance, Tolulope. This here is a piece that goes out to all those struggling with adverse circumstances and the constant pitfalls of life. Your story might seem very grim, but remember, there are success stories out there that should nourish your soul with hope for a better turn of events in your life. Okay, that’s enough out of me. Here’s what Tolulope has to say. Enjoy.


When a poor, skinny black boy announced that he wanted to be the President of the USA, America laughed at him. He wasn’t rich, wasn’t experienced and wasn’t WHITE. But today, that boy is the President of the USA and ruling the world. (more…)

“Many will Fall in 2014…” TB Joshua’s prophecy for 2014

TB-JoshuaEvery new year, pastors and various ministers of God share with their congregation the blueprint of the year – Prophecies.

These prophecies are meant to guide Christians on living their best and how to avoid being victims of the negative aspects of the prophecies.

The very outspoken Prophet TB Joshua of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) also revealed his. He spoke on various issues including the political system of the country, the airline industry and a whole lot more jaw dropping revelations.

Freelance Nigerian journalist Ihechukwu Njoku, who is based in London, witnessed the cross-over programme and has shared his account of the event. Read below… (more…)

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